Obscure Car Commercials

A little something different for today.  I have been looking at old and weird Japanese commercials for some time now and I think I should post some of them up.  Some of them are really weird and I literally sit there thinking, “wtf” after watching them.

I have no idea what they are saying, but I can infer a few things from this video.  For one, the surfer dude is a little too creepy and seems a little too old to be doing that.  None of those people make me want to buy this van.  If those are the kinds of people this thing attracts, no thank you sir.

I think that there are two commercials in this video.  The first one: Why are there so many white people in a Japanese commercial?  What is up with the suspension on this thing that when the stewardess sits on the bumper the entire van jolts up and down.  It’s quite a violent jolt too.  That stewardess does not look like a Big Betty so there has to be something up with that suspension.  The second part of the video:  What is going on?  What does that dude flying over have to do with anything?  I know that if I had some dude continuously flying over me, I would leave, quickly.

Ok, two more vids in this one.   What is up with the dude sleeping in there.  Personally a nice woman would make me want this van more.  Not some weird Japanese dude in his night gown, it’s just so awkward.  The second vid had Roger Moore, now that is cool as shit.  I would buy a car because Roger Moore told me too.  He is badass, I trust him.

Leonardo Dicaprio, really?  I had no idea that he was such a big star in Japan.  But really, him?  Why in the world would a hawk and Leonardo Dicaprio make me want the RR?  But I guess since “style is power” I should buy this because Leonardo told me too.  I’m not taking car advice from someone that supposedly died on the Titanic.  He is clearly a zombie.

This one is friggin’ weird.  This chick is being chased by the car.  Why would you want to buy a car that chases you?!  This isn’t Steven King’s Christine, so wtf is going on?  I am so very confused by this vid.  And then in the end they are good friends.  Oh my word, this is nuts.

If you guys liked this, I will do more of these posts.  I have quite a few really good ones for everyone to enjoy.

2 Responses to “Obscure Car Commercials”

  1. 04/29/2009 at 11:18 AM

    Hoho, if you think THESE are bad… haha. You haven’t seen half of it. Japanese commercials are always really strange. True tale (though not related to cars):

    I’m watching some Japanese TV and this commercial starts. It’s this cute little Japanese girl–maybe 10 yrs old–in a cute little white sparkly ice skating outfit. She’s skating on ice, doing a very nice job of it, in what looks to be a lake. She’s in some type of winter wonderland. The music is very soothing. I’m getting really interested, wondering what they plan on selling. What could it possibly be?

    She skates up to the camera. She lifts up her hand. And in this hand she is holding…

    …a cocktail wiener perfectly jabbed through with a toothpick.

    No. No I’m not joking. The whole commercial was for cocktail wieners! It even named the brand and everything.

    I was stunned. Stunned and speechless. (For about 10 seconds and then I started laughing my butt off.) I wish I’d been recording it but I didn’t think to.

    And that is why I’m no longer shocked by any form of weirdness that comes on Japanese TV. If ice skating can some how be correlated to cocktail wieners, than ANYTHING can happen!

    PS: I heard about you through SubCompactCulture.com. 🙂

  2. 2 bighindu
    04/30/2009 at 5:48 PM

    Haha, what an odd way to sell a cocktail wiener. I can’t see how that would make me want to buy it from her. Those crazy kids and their cocktail wieners.

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