Oh My Word…

New Jersey is such a cesspool for the riciest and ugliest vehicles known to man.  You’ll see a charger on 24’s parked next to an Odyssey on 26’s.  In Jersey, Civics don’t last more than 30 seconds on the street and if they are not somehow stolen, they are most likely riced beyond belief.  It’s a sad state of affairs the tuning scene is in in Jersey, but I doubt the rice will cease anytime soon.  Now, of course there are great cars in Jersey.  There are some pretty awesome cars to tell you the truth, but the awesome is far outweighed by the shitty.

“Why is this crazy brown person saying all this,” you might be asking yourself.  Well because I usually don’t have my camera when I go to back to Jersey, but this weekend I did.  I had my cam when I went to hang out with a few Scion buddies and boy was I glad I did…


I was glad because I got to see this retarded rolling turd.  It’s an Astro van that has a serious time complex.  I think the owner thinks it’s still 1987 and whale tails and terrible colour combos are still in.  I totally feel like I should be watching Breakin’ and playing Atari (I love Atari).

I love the Walmart fog lights pointing in different directions.  Gotta be sure to see everything.


I was kind of upset that no one else I was with saw this monstrosity.  I was all alone when I was laughing my ass off at this thing.  I was compelled to snap pics of it and share it with the world.

To be honest this is not as bad as some of the shit I have seen in Jersey, but it’s still pretty high on the turd meter.

I am working on more updates from NYIAS, so don’t think I’m holding out on you guys.  I am having some problems with ps, so bear with me.


1 Response to “Oh My Word…”

  1. 1 petros
    04/14/2009 at 11:08 PM

    one thing. EW!
    the end.

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