Throwback xB

While I was taking a study break I was flipping through some picture folders I have had since high school.  While reliving some hilarious moments and checking out some sick cars from days past, I stumbled across a beauty that I could never forget.  

Green xB

This xB was one of the very first “icons” in the Scion scene, if not the first icon.  I remember constantly drooling over this beauty and wanting to emulate it when I got a chance.  Back then my folks had a BSP xB (Black Sand Pearl) that I never got a chance to modify (long story).  I used to go on SL (ScionLife) and check out all the big things the West Coast guys were doing and just sit in awe of this particular box.  It was definitely a treasure in the scene, mainly because it was one of the first xB’s to be done so well and so clean.  

Work Equips, Kenstyle kit, helix tails, carbon fiber: hood, hatch, fender flares, roof, grille, wing, lip; it was insane!  This was my first real taste of what I could do with my box and boy did it inspire me.  It made me go into the “carbon fiber” stage, where I wanted to get carbon everything for my box.  I wanted to swim in carbon fiber (I am glad I am past that).  I can’t tell you how many people this box insipred, but I bet the number would be into the thousands.  She was so gorgeous.  

Green xB

Sadly this box was destroyed in a garage fire in the prime of her career.  It was a sad, sad day in the Scion world.  The owners did get another xB, but I don’t recall it living up to the aura that this xB used to have.  She was an icon and I know I miss her.


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