NYIAS Nostalgia: Part 2

I am still psyched that the NYIAS (New York International Auto Show) is next week.  It only happens once a year and now with OMG Pancakes up and running, I have a much larger vested interest in the NYIAS.  Though my schedule is a little absurd right now I will be going and I will be bringing all the news and info to you guys.

Today I bring you the  Five Axis Yaris Roadster from the 2008 NYIAS.  This Five Axis creation is definitely not the right flavour for everyone.  I have heard a lot of hate and jeers projected towards this particular vehicle, but I enjoy it.  It is meant to be wild and weird and for everyone to stop and stare.  It was not created for everyone to fall in love with it.  The general purpose of vehicles like this is to create buzz and get people talking.  Well I am pretty sure Toyota got what they were looking for because a lot of people were talking about this Yaris after it was initially shown at SEMA (I am pretty sure it debuted at SEMA, if I am wrong correct me please).


I like the freakishness of this Yaris.  It’s weird and out there and doesn’t really care who hates on it.  What I don’t care for is that black bar in the middle.  I mean, it looks good on this Yaris, but it seems like that is new mod for everyone.  Put a giant black bar in the middle of your bumper and pretend you’re an Audi.  New flash people, you don’t own an Audi, get over it.


I had to protect the identity of that man.  I gave him a happy face because the face he was originally making made it seem like he was searching for the bathroom.  Damn people always walking in my shots with their dookie faces.

Five Axis does it again though.  They created a stellar looking vehicle that few would dream of and even fewer would actually create.  The guys at Five Axis are true innovators and I cannot wait to see what they have done with the new iQ.


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