Today I have laissez faire feeling towards doing anything.  I just want to be a blob today, but I am writing an post up for you guys.  See how much of a nice guy I am?  Yeah, don’t worry, I love you guys too, no homo.  I know you guys come here to get a taste of the vanning world, but today I am going to give you guys more of a slice of Big Hindu pie.


Whelp, last night I went to go see Fast and Furious with a couple friends.  Going into this movie, I did not have high hopes, but I hoped it would be a good ending to the series.  I hoped that this movie would cap off what was such a painful series to watch.  But, I will reminisce a little before I tell you my final verdict on the fourth FnF.  


The first movie, The Fast and The Furious was fun because I was twelve or thirteen at the time.  I was totally naive to the what a car should really look like and I thought the movie was gospel.  I later realized how cheesy and terrible it was, but I still like it, because I see it the same way I saw it back then.  The second movie, 2Fast 2Furious, was so bad I didn’t even want to throw it out because I felt it would be disrespectful to the landfill.  I did not even see it in theatres because I heard how bad it was, but my dumbass bought the DVD for some reason.  If I could, I would give that movie a negative rating.  The third installment, Tokyo Drift, was the best in the series up until that point, hands down.  While the story line was pretty corny and I thought they could have done without the cowboy and Bow Wow, it was still a decent movie.  The director actually seemed to try with this one.  It looked like the director and people involved actually wanted to make a good movie, while paying homage to the scene.  I enjoyed it, even with its flaws.  

Now, on to the unpolished turd I payed to see last night.  Oh, did I just let the cat out of the bag?  Oh well, to me, the movie sucked.  Like I said, I did not have high hopes, but I wished the movie would be decent.  As a whole, the movie was just so bad.  The acting was terrible.  I could not get into the story.  Vin Diesel looked like he had to poop the whole time.  He never got rid of his “constipated face.”  The overall story was such a supreme let down.  It’s like they had a 24 hour deadline to get the storyline in and the writers went to Vegas and left their kids to write the whole thing while the kids were hopped up on pixie sticks and Cookie Crisp.  Yeah, it was bad.  The whole time I was asking myself, “why?”  The cars, oh man the cars.  Once again, the vehicles were another let down.  Most were ugly and tacky.  There were a few that were nice, but were promplty ruined by the producers putting them in a car accident.  Why do these dudes always have to wreck cars?  Why can’t they just let a few of the nice ones live?  I would be more impressed with great driving than a car going “boom” and showing pretty colours when it exploded.  They seem to wreck most of the nice ones and spare the ugliest.  

There was one scene at a funeral (mini spoiler) where I laughed so hard at the cars that were there.  Just bright ass cars that were there for no reason at all other than to make me giggle.  The graphics were bleh, as usual.  Sometimes it felt like a bad 80’s racing game.  I made  about twenty people around me laugh because of one scene where two characters started up the sexy time right next to some freshly bought groceries.  Not that’s just nasty.  I hope they washed those before they ate them, so nasty.  But, the movie did provide some giggle moments for people who know the whole franchise and know cars.  There was also a lot of ass shaking, of the good kind, which I did not mind.

If you are a ricer you’ll love this movie.  As I suspected, so many ricers showed up, which is precisely why I refused to take my box.  There was one tool in a riced out late model Camaro.  It sounded worse than some Hondas and for some reason he felt the need to put his strobes on, just in case anyone needed a quick seizure before the movie.  


This whole movie was just such a let down, I wish I could get my money back.  I just could not get into the story at all.  I say if you really want to see it, go.  If you are skeptical, wait until it hits cable.  Also if you see it and are one of those people that hope there is something extra at the end of the credits, save yourself the time.  I waited and there was nothing.

One very big plus about the whole situation though, the Transformers 2 trailer,  AMAZING!  Almsot made up for all the failure I saw during the movie.

Here is another funny for you guys.  I am a “bigger” person than most.  I’m 6ft 250 lbs and well, a lot of cars don’t seem to accommodate me.  Well I had to sit in the back of my buddy’s Grand Am and it sometimes takes some doing for me to get into a vehicle, especially the back.  Well when we were leaving, I was trying to get in.  I was almost in, but I couldn’t get my left leg in the car.  My giant boots kept getting stuck in the door jam.  So I started to step out to try and reassess my entry point.  Well that’s when my genius friend decides to be “funny” and drive away.  Yeah so my left foot was almost mashed under his wheel.  Had I not had a firm grasp on the door and headrest, this blog would cease to be updated and Big Hindu would be no more, lol.  Just a funny little tid bit about how retarded my friends are.  

On another light note, I had a TP issue yesterday.  I ran very low on supply and almost had an “incident” that would not have ended well for anyone.  But luckily, I was able to get the good stuff before any nukes went off.

Holy Grail

This was a far better purchase than that movie ticket.  

Since you guys have been with me through this whole rant, I will post up a super sexy pic for you guys today.  I think we are due for a uber sexy Estima, don’t you think?

BBS Babe

This gorgeous Betty is rolling on a set of super well fitting BBS wheels.  I do not know BBS wheels too well, so if someone could help me identify the wheels, I would appreciate it.  This tank is smooth and clean shaven, so sexy.  I have never seen another Estima like this, she’s so gorgeous.


4 Responses to “Blotter”

  1. 04/04/2009 at 5:07 PM

    it wasn’t THAT bad. if you were with the right people, it could’ve been happy fun time.

    not as happy fun as the first movie, but still happy fun time.

  2. 2 bighindu
    04/04/2009 at 7:38 PM

    It was such a let down dude. It felt like a video game, a bad one. But I got TP so that made it better. I wish I had car guys to go with. I was naming cars and shit off to myself.

  3. 04/05/2009 at 5:26 AM

    I know what you mean man Its a guilty pleasure – and you think, well it can’t be THAT bad right?


    The wheels – i “think” those are BBS RS’s in 17×8. I’m probably wrong though sir!

  4. 4 Royster
    04/05/2009 at 7:55 PM

    That’s to bad about Fast and the furious Dude, But I did enjoy your review!

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