NYIAS Nostalgia

Seeing the leaked pics of the 5axis iQ just a week before NYIAS ’09 (New York International Auto Show) made me go riffling through my NYIAS pics from 2008.  Flipping through I recalled what the big unveil was for Scion last year, the Hako concept.  It was all the talk and people were really excited.  And just like last year, spy shots of the Hako were leaked just before the show.  But the iQ isn’t getting the same amount of buzz that the Hako got.  It seems like the iQ is just being passed off as another silly micro car.  This is a travesty!  Rest assured that when I go the the NYIAS this year there will be plenty of coverage of the iQ and many other vans and micros.   

I will be posting up a few pics from the show last year over the course of the week, but for right now I will be posting the famed Hako Concept.  A little nostalgia (only a year old), just in case you guys forgot what it looked like.  


The Hako Concept defitiely is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I truly liked it.  It’s sleek and different yet retains such an noticebale character.  The Hako carries it’s very own body style and distinct lines.  It’s like nothing else on the road, even though it’s not even on the road.  Although I am praising the crap out of it’s body design, it’s impractical.  The windshield design is not suited for real world use.  You would probably go through a windshiled a week.  The roof line is also quite low-slung, keeping visibility to a minimum.  If the windshield could be redisgned along with the roof line, without detracting from the auro that is the Hako, I would love one of these.


This pic is a tad blurred, but it’s the only one I have with a full on front view of the Hako.  I blame that jerk in the back, he annoys me.  


Such a pretty booty.  And no I am not talking about that dude, freaks.


Looking through the pics, it seems that I was pretty  unimpressed with the show last year because I did not take many pics.  Guess my awesome was just too much for the show.  

Expect a couple more of these nostalgia posts until the NYIAS next week.  After that, expect the awesomeness to come flowing through!


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  1. 04/02/2009 at 7:43 PM

    i can be a boob as much as i like. lol

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