Electric Boogaloo

School is driving me insane and engulfing my life.  It’s so stressful right now.  I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my future and where they hell  am going in life.  So when my buddy asked me if I wanted to go back to my old campus this weekend, I heartily said yes.  

It’s a two hour drive down there from my current campus and the box handled it like a champ.  Considering that I hadn’t started or moved her in two weeks, my bad.  When we got there we drove around a little to check out anything that may be new.  My buddy Bill and I are just tooting around looking at the campus and then we saw it!  

uh what?

I stopped in the middle of the road and reversed in just to see this.  I have never seen one of these three-wheeled terrors before.  It’s called a “Xebra Electric Sedan” and it’s made by a company called “Zap!”  This particular Xebra is Kiwi Green, shnazzy.


If you haven’t already noticed, this is an electric vehicle and has zero emissions.  It belongs to one of the professors at my old campus.  This Xebra has motorcycle tags so I doubt that this thing is a supercar, but it’s still really cool.

Solar Power

It’s is obviously battery powered, 110v to be exact, but it also has solar panels.  That’s right solar panels on a “car.”  ZAP!’s website says that this thing can go up to 25 miles on a charge and seat four people.  So you won’t use this for a road trip, but it’s great for a small to medium sized commute.  

I could not get a good shot of the interior, but it kind of looks like an airplane.  It has a few big red buttons and switches.  The seats and dash are very unappealing and lackluster, but I doubt people buy these to be rolling in leather and ostrich and drinking martinis while saving the environment.  The interior looked like the cockpit to a Cessna.  Makes me think this thing might be a secret spy vehicle or something, hmm.

I know this isn’t Japanese, but I thought it was really interesting and that you guys would enjoy it.  I think my campus has a few of the other Zap! vehicles, I will try and get pics of those if there is any interest. 

Check out Zap!‘s website, they have a few other vehicles to choose from including scooters and ATVs.  These little things are pretty fascinating.


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