Lima Bean

Today was absolutely brutal.  I was running around all day for class and seeing advisers to try and figure out what is going on with my life.  My life is like a browner, not so funny, version of Lost right now.  Just the way things are going, you’re watching and saying, “wtf mate” because it’s just so hard to follow and you never know if a polar bear is going to pop out and maul your ass.  Scarey situation, I know.  I was lucky enough to get a few minutes to check up on a few blogs and forums I like to frequent.  It was a time for me to regain my sanity and quell my fear of the polar bear.  For I was in the library and everyone knows polar bears can’t get into libraries.  Their paws make so much noise that librarians don’t let them in.  Since I wasn’t looking over my shoulder for polar bears I was carelessly surfing the interwebs.  I landed on 7tune and decided to rifle through some of their older posts.  I stumbled across this lime green Honda Life.  It looks like a sexy lima bean to me.

it's so gween!

It looks to have had a lot of work done, but retains a very stock looking appearance.  I truly dig it.

That ist next door isn’t too bad looking either.  I could do with the tails on it though.  

lima bean

I love the flares and the deep dish wheels.  You could fit a baby in there, a very awkward baby.  

It looks like the owner nrrowly missed having the exhaust eat the curb, ouch.  I always leave a super buffer with the curb.  I had my oh-so-kind edler sister nail my exhaust on a nice curb once.  That is a moment I want to forget.


1 Response to “Lima Bean”

  1. 1 petros
    03/25/2009 at 2:41 PM

    that thing make the xA look sexy as helll!!!! 😛

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