It Pains Me!

When I see work vehicles and commercial vehicles I always shake my head.  Why?  Because of how abused those poor cars get.  They get ridden hard and put away cold and wet in a dark corner.  It pains my soul to think of the things these poor cars have to go through.

Take for instance a rental car; being whored out to anyone with a driver’s license.  Having to put up with fat, smelly weirdos, wiping their orange Cheetos fingers on the seats or the ninety year old woman that smoks fifteen packs a day and lets her annoying little lap dog run all over the back and spread doo-doo everywhere.  Poor thing never had a chance.  It was shipped straight from the manufacturer to the rental lot.  It never had a chance to spread its wings and be loved by the right owner.  This is the sad reality for many vehicles, but more so for the commercial vehicles and work horses.  They will never get to feel the touch of an owner that cares. 

When I saw this photo I immediately thought of their mistreatment.


All I can think of is the pain these poor xB’s have and will endure.  All the awkward a weird people they will have to cart around.  The fender benders they will get into.  The stop-and-go thrash that will inevitably be inflicted upon them.  I can imagine the smell of smoke being embedded into the cloth interior, never to leave.  The mistreatment just disturbs me.  But on the flipside, imagine some of the stories these boxes will be able to tell.  Imagine what these little guys will see in their time as taxis.  They will experience more than any other commuter car ever will.  I guess it is a two-way street with this.  Yes these xB’s will undoubtly be thrashed on and mistreated, but they will have a fullfilling life that normal cars can’t even dream of (if cars an even dream).  It’s quite a cross road…

What are your thought on the plight of the work horse?


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