Noblesse Fit

I told you guys I would do a follow up on the Noblesse Fit I posted a while back and here I am, doing that follow up.  See I really am awesome.  



When I first saw the pics of this Fit, I nearly dookied myself.  It is just so gorgeous and so well put together.  I was literally awestruck by it’s grace and beauty.  I sat there for a while just studying the pics.  Going over everything I could and it all looked so good.  Now, personally I prefer the previous body style of Fit, but I really love what Noblesse has done with this Fit.  It’s sleek and clean, and the kit flows with the Fit’s body style very well.


This Fit achieves it’s ground pounding, ultra-sexy stance from a set of one-off Noblesse coilovers.  The rear camber is created by a prototype camber kit from Noblesse.


This little monster is packing a K20 under the hood with mild modification.  The engine remains relatively stock with just an intake and a custom Noblesse exhaust.  It may not have much done to the engine, but you cannot be disapointed with a K-series Fit.  I love a good K-series Fit.  


Stopping this pocket rocket is a set of Project μ rotors and calibers, can’t go wrong with that.  The Project μ brakes looks so good nestled in that sexy wheel.  I love Project μ’s products.  I hope to run one of their brake kits one day on my box.  The wheels are a set of Carlsson Brilliant Editions.  I am unsure of the size, I couldn’t find that info for you guys, but I would venture to guess they are 19’s.


A set of custom Recaro seats help to set this beauty’s interior off.  I personally love the level of class this interior exudes.  Yes it has racing seats, but the racing seats look like they belong in a Rolls Royce.  They help you to hug the road, but they also help you to stay sharp for a night on the town.  The interior is just so clean and simple, yet so very classy, I love it.


In my opinion, few second generation fits can match the level of the Noblesse Fit.  In class, cleanliness, styling, pure sexiness and many other categories, this Fit is far ahead fo the rest.  I give it two thumbs, way up!


3 Responses to “Noblesse Fit”

  1. 1 eL joRge
    03/15/2009 at 6:29 PM

    That is one sexy ass Fit. And those front brakes look amazing behind the wheel.

  2. 2 bighindu
    03/17/2009 at 1:12 PM

    Couldn’t agree more.

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