Throwback xB

I spent most of today out with my pops.  We were perusing the mall and then went and saw Watchmen.  The mall was gay, as usual, but Watchmen was pretty good.  There is a sexy time scene in the movie, which kind of led to an awkward moment, not gonna lie.  But it was a good movie, long as hell, but I enjoyed it.  Made me think of how I wasn’t a comic book kid, I was a hotwheels on the carpet kid.  I would sit for hours and just roll my hotwheels on the carpet.  When you would go over the same spot enough times, it made an indentation.  Made it seem like there were actually roads, until my sister came by and stepped on my highways.  Speaking of throwbacks, (see what I did there, it’s a good segway) today I bring you an OG box in the Scion scene.  

I first entered the Scion scene in early 2003, when I first heard Toyota announce the forming of Scion and it’s set release on the West Coast in late 2003.  This was one of the first super sexed up xB’s I had seen and it is still awe inspiring to me.  It’s a Polar White (PW) xB dressed to the nines.  It’s fitted with a Noblesse kit, the first time I had ever seen such a thing.  Rolling on Work Eurolines, also the first time I had ever seen Eurolines.  The Fabulous wing, the most copied wing in all of the Scion scene.  That Open Deck grille was also a first for me.  This box pretty much initiated me into the JDM/VIP side of tuning.  It showed me exactly how sexy and awesome these boxes could truly be here in the US.  I’m sure it has inspired countless other box owners.

It used to roll with a shop called “One Ton Garage.”  They used to make spacers and camber shims that are still valued in the xB community.  



Probably one of the most famous pics of any xB, ever.  So sexy.


I got my first xB a few months after seeing this box and have always kept this sexy PW in mind when modding.  But clearly my box today is a far cry from how this PW was tuned, but I strive for the cleanliness this box once had.  I do not know what has happened to this box or if the owner still has it, but I hope she’s still out there, still looking sexy.

You’ll have to forgive me, I have forgotten the owner’s name, sorry.


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