Kick in the Pants

YouTube is quite the addicting website.  When I start watching vids about racing I will somehow wind up watching street fights, then wander my way over to babies doing karate and end up watching kittens running through fields.  It’s so addicting and weird.  You start looking at what you came to look at and wind up sitting in a corner, rocking back-and-forth, trying to figure to what just happened.

Well this was one of those times.  I started watching stand-up clips and wound up watching vids of HiAces racing.  Don’t ask me how I got there, I have no idea, but I am glad I did get there.  I had no idea that people ran these vans like they do.  It seems people in Japan do with the HiAce, what dudes here in the states do with old Econolines and Cargo Vans.  They drop sick motors in them and destroy the weak.  Small blocks have been the “normal” transplant in vans for a long while, but now people are throwing 1jz’s and SR20’s in Japanese people movers.  Sick, I know.  

This HiAce, has a turbocharged small block in it.  I am guessing a small block 350, very common.  Just listen to this monster, it makes my knees weak.  In this vid, it runs a 9.92 at 138 mph.  A van, running a 9.92!!!  Good golly gee…

Here we have a 1jz powered HiAce.  That’s a normal thing to have in a van right?  Yeah, what van doesn’t run 11’s?  The driver clearly sucks at getting off the line and watching the tree, but that thing is friggin fast as hell, so I’ll forgive him.

This seems to be another vid of the same van.  He did a better job off the line this time…

…and another vid.

This green terror is also 1jz powered, see I told you everyone is doing it.  It’s a fast little betty.  Seems to be a lot of these are in Australia too.  This green one is from Australia and the black one posted before is also.  It may not win, but it’s still fast and sexy.

Here’s another one of the same green Aussie HiAce, this time versus a Soarer.

What are your thoughts on the beastly vans?


2 Responses to “Kick in the Pants”

  1. 03/10/2009 at 8:26 AM


    I NOW WANT A HIACE!!! those things look sick! I want a black one so I can join the gang in Singapore.

  2. 2 bighindu
    03/12/2009 at 7:28 AM

    You won’t do it, you won’t.

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