My Box

I will start features with a glimpse at my box.  This will probably not be the last time you see her because she is such a camera whore.


I picked her up in April of 2005 and in the 3 3/4 years I have had her, she has been my one true love.  I’m just a college kid so I haven’t dropped insane amounts of money into her, but I love how she looks, clean and simple.  I track her regularly and will be getting more heavily into auto-x this coming season.  My philosophy with her is, “it’s a box, why not have fun with it.”  So that’s what I do, I have fun with her.

I have mainly focused on her suspension, the slow way.  The first thing I did was a set of Tein s-techs and beefy front strut bar.  I had just this for a while until I discovered my love for tossing the box into turns.  So I slowly accumulated parts.  A Cusco lower arm bar, HG Performance rear strut bar, polly front swaybar bushings, GReddy rear frame brace, and a progress tech rear sway bar.  They all went on at different times so I could truly feel how each product reacted with the box.  Everything added big improvements except for the rear strut bar, that’s mainly cosmetic.


Cosmetically, I upgraded slowly and cleanly.  I love the stock styling of the xB and I really do not want to change that, so I replaced OEM parts, with modified OEM parts.  take for instance my current tails, they are candied stockers.  Fog covers are off a Black Sand Pearl xB and the front grille is off a Shadow Mica xB.  I replaced the Scion pig snout with a bB emblem in front as well as putting a Toyota emblem in the middle honeycomb grille.  The rear xB badge was sent on its way.  A carbon fiber fuel door applique graces the side, giving some contrast.

For power, I have the stock 1NzFE with a few little do dads.  The stock intake was chucked in favour of an Injen short ram.  The stock header was no longer cutting it, so it was replaced with a Megan Racing part.  A two inch midpipe was welded up, connecting to a DC Sports canister.  To keep the static in check I have a grounding box in the engine bay.


Inside is relatively stock.  I did not want to mess too much with the RS interior so I have stock seats and panels, but I changed a few things.  Red leds light up the foot-wells up front, making my feet look pretty.  The amber HVAC and speedometer leds were ditched to make way for some red led replacements.  Megan Racing gauges light up the pillar, but just one for now, waiting for the cash flow to pick up to add more.  A Scanguage II helps me to monitor the engine and her vitals.

But the box has also gone through many subtle stages as well.  I have been playing with colour combos, still figuring out which looks best on her.  But i will tell you this, she will get wilder in the future.


7 Responses to “My Box”

  1. 02/18/2009 at 7:26 PM

    Nice box. Very nice.

    What I like the most is that it’s eye catching in its color combination, but once you’re looking at it, subtle in its execution.

  2. 2 bighindu
    02/20/2009 at 3:21 PM

    Thank you very much.

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