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Beautiful Gal

At one of the places I work, there is a small gas station/garage a couple streets over that has a mint KP61 Starlet sitting in their lot.  She looks to be completely stock and in really good shape.  I would loooove to have it, but when I went in to find out anything about it, the owner said he’d never sell it.  Dangit!

So for now, I have to quell that thirst for a beautiful KP61 with sessi ones from the internet.

Gat Damn


Dat Ass.

What a beauty!  So simple, yet so effective.

Pic: DOHC Research


Holy, Jeebus…

I know nothing about this KP61 Starlet, I just saw it randomly on a forum, but I am smitten.  Utterly, in love.


I will now go forth (after I put on some pants) and track down more about this beauty.


Pic: Fast Car Mag


Mr. Clean

You all know how much Brown Bear loves him KP61 action.  I mean, Brown Bear loves them almost as much as Brown Bear loves Cherry Italian Ice.  Brown Bear loooooooooves him some Cherry Italian Ice!!  But Brown Bear loves him some clean and mean KP61 Starlet action too.


Oooooooooooooooooh, yes.  I’ll take two of those and a side of hot sauce please!  To go.


You cannot go wrong with doing a restomod to a Starlet.  They are so simple and clean by design that just updating a few things while keeping it to an OEM+ look will turn heads and make panties drop.



No “hellaflush” or “dope stance” here.  Just simple functionality.


Dat Ass.

Pics: Hightopfade


KP Powah!

I will never tire of the KP61 Stalet.  Ifgiven the opportunity to own an unmolested version, I would literally jump at the chance.  Like, literally jump, at the chance.  Well, more like jump towards the chance, because I do not want to hit the Starlet and damage it.


hightopfade posts up another sassy and sexy little KP61 Starlet.  This thing is just clean and beautiful and all around RIGHT!


Simple.  Keep it simple.  It doesn’t hurt to have a lot of tree air fresheners…  Your feet stank.


Yes ma’am.


Dat Starlet Ass.

Pics: hightopfade


Because Starlet

Why?  Because slammed KP61 Starlet.

I came.


Exciting Car Showdown

I was hoping to have some coverage of the Street Wars show that took place in South Jersey this past weekend, but I was unable to attend.  Meh.  So I shall share some major dopesauce from the likes of Nori Yaro!  These shots are from the Exciting Car Showdown that took place two weeks ago in Nagoya, Japan.

I want to start things off with this Miata.  Why?  Because it makes me drool!


Next we have ourselves an über sexy kp61 Starlet with the TRD flares that make it oh-so-gorgeous!

Oh my geezers, what is that under there?

That my friends is an 1100cc engine out of, how do you say this, . . . a motorcycle.  Splazzow!  I just blew your mind!  (Well Nori Yaro and this sexified KP technically blew your mind, but I was there to witness it all!)

R34 clipped Stageas make me happy.  :)

Might I suggest a helmet for this next part because I am about to blow your minds again!  I also suggest goggles just in case your eyes blow out of their sockets from amazement!

A pink Nissan Pao, okay . . . go on . . .

Go on . . .

BOOMSHAKALAKAKA!!!  Mind = Assploded.

An SR motor shoehorned into a poor, unsuspecting little Pao.  Oh my, the huge-manatee!!!  The engineering involved in this transplant is likely amazing.  I love the Japanese and their insanity!  Love ‘em!!!!

Pics and info: Nori Yaro and Nori Yaro


I Love Gooooold!

What happens when you take an EP82 Starlet and  build it to preform and look pretty?  You get this absurdly sexy Starlet.

Holy dopesauce Gary Coleman!  I love, love, love this EP82.

What really makes me love it is the host of top shelf, quality parts that this monster houses.  Just lifting a few from the article: JE forged pistons, shot peened rods, port & polish, TRD metal head gasket, 100mm throttle body, HKS fuel goodies, Sard regulator, and a Blitz turbo.  Color me jealous!

Those 16×8 Grids look perfect on there.  Absolutely perfect.

A very well-done and perfectly executed interior really makes this thing stand out, as if the gold paint didn’t do that already.  It is so damn clean!  I want to lick it!

Dat Ass!

Personally, I think this car is perfect.  The owner did an amazing job.  Take notice people.  Function>Form.

Pics and Info: DownshiftAUS


Let’s Wrap This Up

Shall we?

I are bringing you my final installment for Starlet week.  I start off this post with some pics from a meet overrun with Starlets.

This guy came around in the second post too.  Can you tell I like it?  Can you?

Hubba.  Hubba.

A couple of fine examples of the KP30/40.  Amazing little cars.

TRD flares and SSR MKII’s, oh yes!  Classic Wats on a super clean KP61, oh yes!

So fucking nice!

Water bottle adds ten horsepowah!

I’d seks the hell out of every single one of these.

I’d like to call this segment, KP’s on a truck:

Yes, this KP was posted on Wednesday.

Not sure if you guys are getting the title of this segment, so I’ll post one more.

Get it?  KP’s on a truck.

Oh wow, that sure is a sexy ass KP.  I wonder what is under the hood there…


I love the flares on this KP61.  They look all metal, at least I hope they are.

Green and gorgeous, AMAZING!


I’ll just leave the day on this one…

Hope you guys enjoyed Starlet week, I know I sure as hell did.

Pics: JNC


Starlets Around the World!

Well, they are actually all from Japan, but you didn’t know that!  Well, now you do.  Dammit.  Well since I ruined it anyway, I’ll just continue along this path of awesome that I started on Monday.

Drop.  Dead.  Sexy!

Yes, this is the same KP from above but this time it looks even sexier!  Why?  Cherry Blossom tree man!  Everyone knows the Cherry Blossom tree enhances everything and makes things more beautiful.  Well, everything except for Integra Girl and my 12th grade Science teacher.  *shivers*

Okay, okay.  I searched everywhere I could think of to find more info and pics on this KP and I cannot find a anything else!  If anyone can help me here, I’ll give you a three year old can of condensed milk as a prize.  Seriously.

Some OG KP action!  My favourite part of this pic: The period correct high-waisted jeans and sleeveless tee and the dude balancing his ass on that super tiny chair.  Dude is a Giant or that chair is meant for little people.  Of and the old school KP getting tossed around is cool too.

My pants, they are tight.

My boner, it is gone.  I am now sad because of this pic and I fathom that I have done this to many of you as well.  Don’t be downtrodden ladies, for I come baring more sex:

Redemption!  Seriously, how fucking badass it this R/C KP61!?  I’ll tell you how badass:  think if Raptor Jesus was meditating on top of Mt. Everest and all of a sudden n enraged Venusaurs pops out of nowhere threatening to destroy the mountain.  Before Raptor Jesus even has a chance to say a word, the bear calvary rides in to stop the enraged Venusaurs.  The bear calvary consists of lumberjacks riding bears as horses.  Yes!  Then Mothra comes over the mountain!  Oh snap!  Since Mothra is damn near useless, it just sits there.  Then Raptor Jesus stops the battle from going any further and hosts a MW2 tournatment between the enraged Venusaurs and the bear calvary men.  Mothra still stand there (no thumbs).  Raptor Jesus won, obviously, and inn the end it was awesome.

Yes, that badass.  But not to be outdone, I has more!

More R/C KP’s!!!  Fuck this is awesome.

SpeedHunters did an awesome spot on Teruyoshi Iwai’s insane KP61 Starlet that competed in D1 competition.

Might I suggest grabbing tissues before you view the engine over on SH.  Seriously, I needed them.

One more from SH.  TRD flares and RS Wats are a classic combination that I will never, can never, get tired of.  So sexay!

Simple and classy.

Remember the Cherry Blossoms?

I am just going to end the day on this:

Yup, I am reposting old content but I still cannot get over the sheer beauty of this KP.  The most gorgeous KP I think I have ever seen.



Welcome to Starlet Week! (Day 2)

In case you have not read the title of this post, let me reiterate: Welcome to Starlet Week!  Why is it Starlet Week?  Well I’ll tell you, just as I always do.  It’s Starlet week because after I posted that pic yesterday I could not stop thinking about owning a KP61 someday.  I still frequent the pics from Orange Crush a lot because it is nearly the perfect KP61 and I seem to post Starlets quite a bit.  So I decided to dedicate this week to the Toyota Starlet, one of the most beautiful cars ever built.  Now I know some of you may not enjoy a week full of purely Starlets and I understand that.  But I still must kindly ask those of you that will hate these posts to please bite my big brown ass because I’m rocking this shit!

I think this photo is a fitting “beginning” to Starlet Week.  I say “beginning” because I guess I started yesterday, but who is really checking?  Seriously, stop checking.

And since I want to cram a lot of sexy ass Starlets in to this week I am posting this sexy, sexy, sexy KP.

The Asano Racing KP makes me all giddy like a school girl.  A school girl that happens to love hatchbacks with huge over-fenders and wide ass racing wheels.  Yes, that school girl.

Dat Ass!!

I hope you enjoy this week because I know I sure as shit will!  And if you don’t please refer to the part in this post where I mention my ass.  I mention my ass too much don’t I?  Good.

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