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Jazzed Up

I just got back from pumping zee iron!  I am trying to lose my extra 1000 lbs so I have started to hit the gym again.  I definitely feel good, but super fat.  Hopefully I can lose these man boobies and get the ladies, with smaller man boobies.  I’m sore and it hurts so good!  Okay, I’ll stop with that now.  This is getting weird.

Today I bring you a super sexy Honda Jazz or Fit, whatever you want to call it.  I’m calling it a Jazz today, so  deal with it son!


A fattened Jazz, slammed on wide Work Meisters. *droooooool*


Sexified Fit

Speedhunters posted a beyond gorgeous Fit today.  You must see this thing.  I will give you brief sexy time here.  Got to Speedhunters to check out the whole sexy time happiness.


Luxury micro cars are becoming more and more popular.  I know that movement has been picking up speed amongst the Scion crowd, well the xB’s at least.  Those tC people are still a little off, if you know what I’m saying…


Oh-Em-Gee, she is gorgeous.  Noblesse lux aero kit sets off the body lines and adds quite the subtle touch.


This Fit is sporting SSR Vienna Zweel in 17X7.5 +45 front and 18×8.5 +45 in the rear.  Great wheel fitment if you ask me.


Go to Speedhunters and check out the rest of this story.


Saw my first Cube…

This past Friday I went to a dealer show at Hudson Toyota in Jersey City, NJ.  They had a brand new Nissan building that they were opening, but they let us us it for the show.  As I was walking around I heard rumors of there being a Cube somewhere on the property, so I went exploring to find it.  Really didn’t take me too long because it was out in the open and not hidden at all.  But doesn’t take away from the dangerous peril I had to go through to get these pictures.  

Hudson 5-29-09 (41)

This Cube is dressed in what Nissan calls Bitter Chocolate.  It looked more like a purplish colour  when I saw it, but the lighting was all artificial so that probably had something to do with it.  I really like the grille on the Krom compared to the regular Cube models.  It really helps to set off the front end.  

Hudson 5-29-09 (37)

That’s right, this Cube is one of the Krom models.  The Krom Cubes start at $19,000, which is the highest of the Cube models and prices, but I think it might be the sexiest.

Hudson 5-29-09 (35)mm

Cube ass, I like it.

Hudson 5-29-09 (38)

As far as I can tell, this Cube has the “Interior Designer Package.”  This package comes with that shaggy dash mat you see, carpeted floor mats, cargo area mat, and front door bungees (I have no idea what that is).  All that could be yours for an extra $230.  

Hudson 5-29-09 (36)m

The Krom comes with 16×6″ chrome allow wheels that help to add some bling to exterior.  

Being able to get the closest I have so far to the Cube has helped me to realize that I really do like it.  It is not as stellar as the previous gens in Japan, but I still really like the US Spec Cube.  Will I ever get one over an xB?  No.  But I can definitely appreciate it.  I also saw a Kia Soul on the road while I was at the show and I gotta say, I am unimpressed with the Soul out in the wild.  It just wasn’t doing it for me, especially because that Soul owner didn’t even wave back when we were waving at her, what a jerkface. 

Also, if you haven’t already I highly suggest you go see Ken Block’s new Gymkhana vid.  After months of waiting, it’s finally out and it is freaking awesome!  GO SEE IT!!  Check out his blog too.  DO EEET!!


Interweb Voyage

I have been scouring the interwebs to find fresh material for you guys to enjoy.  These trips have been vast and quite tiresome.  I have seen many things that people should not have to see and many things that made me giggle.  I have talked to weary travelers and met medicine men.  There have been peddlers and beggars, all trying to get by.  I have conversed with unsavory characters.  I have seen the holy grail, when someone is wrong on the interent.  I have a few stories where we have destroyed people, lol.  Poor kids never saw it coming.  But along those journeys, I have found many great things.  I have seen vast amounts of awesome (but not as awesome as OMG Pancakes) and taken it all in.  

I have also seen these two pics:


A super sexified Suzuki Wagon R.  The picture itself is amazing, and I usually do not like these types of photos.  But that Wagon R is sooooo damn sexy.  Everything about this R is really cool and executed very well.  Fit and finish looks top notch and I love the paint.

I have never seen anyone do that with their lines before, the leds look pretty cool.  Albeit extremely tacky, I really did the leds because it’s pretty different.

Kei van

I want to say this is a Daihatsu Hijet, but I am uncertain.  But, none-the-less, I love the look of this thing.  It’s super fantastically awesomesauce (oh yeah, I went there).

Check out the Flikr page to see more.

P.S. I was instructed to mention someone in today’s post.  Rachel, you are a doo-doo head.  That is all, thank you.


NYIAS Nostalgia: Part 2

I am still psyched that the NYIAS (New York International Auto Show) is next week.  It only happens once a year and now with OMG Pancakes up and running, I have a much larger vested interest in the NYIAS.  Though my schedule is a little absurd right now I will be going and I will be bringing all the news and info to you guys.

Today I bring you the  Five Axis Yaris Roadster from the 2008 NYIAS.  This Five Axis creation is definitely not the right flavour for everyone.  I have heard a lot of hate and jeers projected towards this particular vehicle, but I enjoy it.  It is meant to be wild and weird and for everyone to stop and stare.  It was not created for everyone to fall in love with it.  The general purpose of vehicles like this is to create buzz and get people talking.  Well I am pretty sure Toyota got what they were looking for because a lot of people were talking about this Yaris after it was initially shown at SEMA (I am pretty sure it debuted at SEMA, if I am wrong correct me please).


I like the freakishness of this Yaris.  It’s weird and out there and doesn’t really care who hates on it.  What I don’t care for is that black bar in the middle.  I mean, it looks good on this Yaris, but it seems like that is new mod for everyone.  Put a giant black bar in the middle of your bumper and pretend you’re an Audi.  New flash people, you don’t own an Audi, get over it.


I had to protect the identity of that man.  I gave him a happy face because the face he was originally making made it seem like he was searching for the bathroom.  Damn people always walking in my shots with their dookie faces.

Five Axis does it again though.  They created a stellar looking vehicle that few would dream of and even fewer would actually create.  The guys at Five Axis are true innovators and I cannot wait to see what they have done with the new iQ.


Electric Boogaloo

School is driving me insane and engulfing my life.  It’s so stressful right now.  I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my future and where they hell  am going in life.  So when my buddy asked me if I wanted to go back to my old campus this weekend, I heartily said yes.  

It’s a two hour drive down there from my current campus and the box handled it like a champ.  Considering that I hadn’t started or moved her in two weeks, my bad.  When we got there we drove around a little to check out anything that may be new.  My buddy Bill and I are just tooting around looking at the campus and then we saw it!  

uh what?

I stopped in the middle of the road and reversed in just to see this.  I have never seen one of these three-wheeled terrors before.  It’s called a “Xebra Electric Sedan” and it’s made by a company called “Zap!”  This particular Xebra is Kiwi Green, shnazzy.


If you haven’t already noticed, this is an electric vehicle and has zero emissions.  It belongs to one of the professors at my old campus.  This Xebra has motorcycle tags so I doubt that this thing is a supercar, but it’s still really cool.

Solar Power

It’s is obviously battery powered, 110v to be exact, but it also has solar panels.  That’s right solar panels on a “car.”  ZAP!’s website says that this thing can go up to 25 miles on a charge and seat four people.  So you won’t use this for a road trip, but it’s great for a small to medium sized commute.  

I could not get a good shot of the interior, but it kind of looks like an airplane.  It has a few big red buttons and switches.  The seats and dash are very unappealing and lackluster, but I doubt people buy these to be rolling in leather and ostrich and drinking martinis while saving the environment.  The interior looked like the cockpit to a Cessna.  Makes me think this thing might be a secret spy vehicle or something, hmm.

I know this isn’t Japanese, but I thought it was really interesting and that you guys would enjoy it.  I think my campus has a few of the other Zap! vehicles, I will try and get pics of those if there is any interest. 

Check out Zap!‘s website, they have a few other vehicles to choose from including scooters and ATVs.  These little things are pretty fascinating.


Lima Bean

Today was absolutely brutal.  I was running around all day for class and seeing advisers to try and figure out what is going on with my life.  My life is like a browner, not so funny, version of Lost right now.  Just the way things are going, you’re watching and saying, “wtf mate” because it’s just so hard to follow and you never know if a polar bear is going to pop out and maul your ass.  Scarey situation, I know.  I was lucky enough to get a few minutes to check up on a few blogs and forums I like to frequent.  It was a time for me to regain my sanity and quell my fear of the polar bear.  For I was in the library and everyone knows polar bears can’t get into libraries.  Their paws make so much noise that librarians don’t let them in.  Since I wasn’t looking over my shoulder for polar bears I was carelessly surfing the interwebs.  I landed on 7tune and decided to rifle through some of their older posts.  I stumbled across this lime green Honda Life.  It looks like a sexy lima bean to me.

it's so gween!

It looks to have had a lot of work done, but retains a very stock looking appearance.  I truly dig it.

That ist next door isn’t too bad looking either.  I could do with the tails on it though.  

lima bean

I love the flares and the deep dish wheels.  You could fit a baby in there, a very awkward baby.  

It looks like the owner nrrowly missed having the exhaust eat the curb, ouch.  I always leave a super buffer with the curb.  I had my oh-so-kind edler sister nail my exhaust on a nice curb once.  That is a moment I want to forget.


What’s your iQ?

Today I felt like writing a good length post for you guys.  I was wracking my brain last week trying to see what I should write about and I thought of it, the new iQ.  There have been a few reviews on this little pocket rocket, but none that covered tuning as well as vehicle specs.  Well that’s where I come in, doing what others didn’t.  


When I first saw the iQ, I will admit, I was not a fan.  But the more I saw pictures and videos of these things, the more I liked them.  They are tiny and functional, which is something I like.  The iQ may not be a fashion statement, but it does what you need it to do, get you places.  


For right now the iQ is only being offered in Japan and Europe.  These are meant to be little city runners that directly compete with the Smart ForTwo and the Fiat 500.  But, rumor has it that Toyota will be bringing the iQ to the states, but with a Scion badge on it.  That would be very interesting to see on American highways.

Pricing for the iQ has not been released, but it is expected to be come in under the price for a base Yaris (around $12,500).


To power this mini beast there are two power plants you can currently choose from.  A 67-horse, 1.0-liter three-cylinder with a  five-speed manual transmission and an 89-horse 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel with a six-speed manual transmission.  These engines are also shared with the Vitz.  Around the middle of 2009 a new power plant should become available; a 1.3-liter four-cylinder with vvt-i.  The new power plant will bump up the ponies to 100-hp.  This is also rumored to be the engine that will be coming in the US bound iQ.  The new motor package will have an option of a six-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission (CVT).  The small power is fine because the iQ only weighs 1962 pounds, so the engine doesn’t have too move much.

The standard equipment on the iQ is what you have come to expect from Toyota.  ABS, Electronic Brake Distribution (EDB), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), and Traction Control (TRC) are all standard.


The iQ is 9.8 ft long and 5.5 ft wide, but don’t let that throw you off.  From reports I have been reading the interior cabin is remarkably spacious.  The iQ is designed and marketed as a four passenger vehicle, but can really only fit three adults and a small stuffed animal, comfortably.  But the iQ’s interior is ergonomically comfortable and works well with the driver.  


Now onto what I like the most, tuning.  The iQ is just barely in showrooms in Japan and Europe, but companies are already getting their hands on these things.  There is not a huge following for them yet, but I feel like there will be a strong group of followers in the coming months.  


Here we have a Blitz tuned iQ.  I don’t know much about it, but if I know Blitz, they probably have some form of f/i on there.  


Gazoo Racing’s iQ is a mini track bruiser.  You would not think so, but because of the R&D the Toyota Engineers had to do to make the small package of the iQ work, it has very good balance and is set up very well from the factory.  The Aero package on this iQ is a design by Gazoo, but those sexy wheels are a set of OZ Racing wheels.


Endless Racing iQ on a set of Enkeis, can’t go wrong with that!


Tein iQ I blogged about earlier.

I am excited to see what the future has instore for the iQ and how the masses will react to it.  If it is anything like how the Smart ForTwo was accepted, the iQ will do very well.  Only time will tell, and with this economy, all we can really do is wait and see.

Photos courtesy of: SpeedHunters, UrbanRacer, Wired.


Spocom ist

Good afternoon ladies and gents.  Today I bring you this spocom styled ist from the motherland.  Now I really do not like most of this ist, but there are probably a few readers that do, so I decided to post it.  It’s too over the top for me.  The lambo doors, the absurd tv in the back, the ridiculous subs, just too much for me.  Those exhaust tips are just killing me.  For me, I prefer to see a clean, sleek styled vehicle, but that’s just me.  I do however like the colour, that’s a pretty sexy orange.  It does look to be turboed, but with all that extra weight, it probably does not do too much.

Spocom tuning is modeled after how we tune in the states; spocom stands for sport compact.  Sadly, this is how most people in states tune.  Flamboyant, over the top vehicles that weigh a ton and do nothing except hurt your eyes and your ears.  In some aspects we are moving towards a cleaner, OE stying, but at shows I still basically only see “Bondo Bettie’s” all over the place.  Some day people will learn to appreciate the lines of their vehicles.  



You can’t go wrong with a set of Works, but he’s coming close.


Too much show for this gal.


Apparantly that dude doesn’t exist, hmmm.



Seeing how well of a response I got to the 2010 Cube Review, I decided to continue our Cube theme.  To keep the Cube rolling (I made a funny) I am going to post up a couple 2nd gen Cubes.  Now, I don’t know much about the Cube, but I know they look damn sexy tuned, so here are a couple examples.



This red one is just sexy.  I love the simplicity of the wheels and the camber out back.


I am digging the grille on this Cube.  I believe those are fog lamps in the grille.


All three of these Cubes seem to have the same kit, but they all look very different.  Each has a different grille and each carries a different theme.  Subtle differences is what makes them all great.

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