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Ford Focus TrackSTer

Autoblog is hanging around at the Chicago Auto Show and just happened to be in the sexiest spot of the show today.  For they posted up Kenn Block and Fifteen52’s new Flord Focus TrackSter.


If you haven’t already noticed, this was a regular old Focus ST that was sexified up to a new level and drizzled with a heep of dopesauce.


Exterior styling changes include a restyled front bumper, fender flares, vented hood, rear diffuser and spoiler, not to mention those wheels!


A fresh interior polish was added too.  Sparco steering wheel, short throw shifter, and aluminum racing pedals were slapped in there.


Read the press release from Ford:

Fifteen52 and Project ST Announce CAS Debut for Project Focus TrackSTer

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6, 2013 – Los Angeles-based automotive tuner fifteen52, via Project ST, will use the 2013 Chicago Auto Show to debut its Focus TrackSTer project build.

One of three different Focus ST builds, the TrackSTer is to be the first debut for the Project ST campaign. Project ST is a relationship between fifteen52, Ken Block and Ford. The project goal is to make today’s hot hatch king – the Ford Focus ST – even hotter.

fifteen52 is excited to bring the Focus TrackSTer to the Chicago Auto Show.

“Using the CAS venue to debut the TrackSTer is bound to be one of the main highlights for the Project ST campaign,” said Brad Beardow, fifteen52 co-owner. “Chicago, if not the entire Midwest, seems to have more than its fair share of hot-hatch enthusiasts, and there’s just something so right about coming to CAS – in the dead of winter – and unveiling the hottest Focus ST anyone’s seen so far.”

Since fifteen52 launched Project ST in the late summer of 2012, interest in the campaign has grown tremendously. Regular updates via the website have captivated an ever larger group of enthusiasts, and as each of the three cars nears completion, fans throughout the country can look forward to seeing them in person as fifteen52 plans to bring the cars to a variety of 2013 events.

TrackSTer is a Focus ST that is destined to feel just as at home on a road course as on the way to a road course. Using only top-quality engine, transmission and suspension components, TrackSTer is designed to appeal to the hardcore performance enthusiast.

Inspired by Ford’s rich global history of small performance cars, fifteen52 has worked closely with Ford Racing to build a Focus ST that pays homage to such cars of the past, while also demonstrating just how far today’s Ford performance envelope can be pushed.

Said Project ST partner Ken Block, “Teaming up with fifteen52 for this project was an obvious choice for me. They’ve got a great understanding of what’s hot in the small car performance marketplace right now, both from the style perspective and from the performance end of things. With the TrackSTer, they’ve worked closely with both Ford Racing and Mountune to put together a potent package that blends on-road performance with on-track performance. I can’t wait to actually get this car out on a track and put it through the paces.”

fifteen52 has incorporated the best of the best in constructing the TrackSTer, and trips to the Ford Racing performance well have been numerous, to say the least. A partial list of incorporated parts that will soon be available to all Focus ST enthusiasts includes:

-Ford Racing short-throw shifter
-Ford Racing performance exhaust system
In addition to Ford Racing Performance Parts, components and partners from Ford Racing’s Focus race programs globally have lent their expertise, including:

-Mountune engine build (using forged rods and pistons)
-Mountune performance intercooler
-Mountune upgraded ECU
-Quaife limited-slip differential (developed for Focus ST-R)
-Centerforce custom clutch kit (developed for Focus ST-R)
-Four-piston front caliper front brakes (developed by StopTech for Focus ST-R)
-Fender flares from Chinese Touring Car Championship Focus

With such a vast array of race-tested quality performance parts at its disposal, along with access to Ford Racing data, expertise and global strategic relationships, fifteen52 believes it has built what is possibly the ultimate all-around Focus ST with the TrackSTer.

About fifteen52

fifteen52 was founded in 1996. Originally known for bringing high-end Euro accessories to the US VW/Audi market, they quickly branched out into the high performance world as well. Builder of many high-profile project cars such as the chronicled Project X Mk4 Jetta coupe series, fifteen52 has consistently been on the cutting edge of the Euro aftermarket scene. In the late 2000s fifteen52 began manufacturing their own line of wheels, with their most famous model, the Tarmac, making its way onto Ken Block’s HFHV Gymkhana FOUR and FIVE 650-hp Fiestas. By recently teaming up with Ford Racing and Ken Block for Project ST, fifteen52 is set to expand its reach even further into the automotive aftermarket scene. To learn more about these projects, and follow their progress, check out


I WANT ONE!  I feel like this would be a killer little track machine.

I need new pants.  ASAP.


Dat Ass

I hope this is real life because I would be on the list for one.  Yes I would.

I still need new pants…

Pics and info: Autoblog


This, Could Get Interesting.


I cannot stay long my ladies and gents for I am to catch an air-bound vessel carrying humans.  (I have a flight to catch)

Whilst I am traveling across the globe in search of riches and flowers, peep this Ford Transit Connet on some BBS meshies.  Hmmmm.



Some HIN Wagon Fun

I’ll just be stealing some pictures from the guys over at Night-Import for this post today.  Although, I don’t think it is actually stealing if I cite them.  So that means I am not as badass as I had originally thought.  Dammit.  All I want to do is be cool!


Why don’t we start things off with this beautiful Previa?  We have all seen it before and it nevers loses any of its luster and charm.  Never.

A new Audi A6(?) Avant is up next.  What I dig most about this ride is how simple it is.  Looks almost like some ballin’ soccer mom is rolling in this thing.

xA content!  It’s been a long while since I posted an xA here, especially an RS2.  Lose the underglow and I’ll dig on this one even more.

Apparently those are 24k dipped VIP Modular VX’s.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  Insanity?  I do believe so.  I do believe so…

M2 Motoring’s Rotiform-equiped Ford Fiesta.  Fantastical.

Not really OMGP content.  It is just f**king awesome.

I’ll just end with this mind-blowing Beamer.  You’re welcome.

Pics and info: Night-Import


Ford Fairmont? F**k Yeah!

I would like to send out a bit of a warning before today’s post for one reason and one reason only: Dopesauce.

That my friends is a 1978 Ford Fairmont, race car.

Dopesauce, I tooooold you!

This prolifically beautiful ’78 Fairmont is piloted by Matt Johnson.  Who the fu*k is Matt Johnson? Well he is one crafty and accomplished young driver that knows a sick wagon when he sees one.

Johnson competes in the RallyCar’s Rallycross series with NitroCircus as his title sponsor.  If you ask me, they are pretty much the perfect sponsor for an insane ride/driver combo like this.  Divinely perfect almost.

Fucking sick!  Homey knows how to drive and it would appear that he can drive almost anything.

I think we all know by now that this blog caters to the weird, yet awesome.  My personal belief is that this falls deeply into that category and does it with so much style and panache that is blows people’s minds.  It literally can blow a person’s mind.  Literally.

Here is to wishing Mr Johnson the best of luck in his career and with this beast!

Pics and info: Flickr, Special Stage, Flickr, NitroCircus, Flickr


The Rally Bender Lives!

I just had a four day weekend from work and boy, let me tell you, I haven’t done shit.  I took to my usual college kid tomfoolery and did nothing.  It was great, I have never felt so lethargic.  Well that’s a lie, most of my life I have been lethargic and apathetic.  I even went and got a late-night milkshake one night.  Yep, good ol’ college kid syndromes.  But what does this have to do with bringing back more rally pics?  Absolutely nothing!  That’s the best part.

Well, the actual best part are these pics…

Amazing photo of a rally spec Fiesta?  Yes please!

What’s that?  You say you want to see a shot of an even burlier looking Fiesta and you want it to be going balls out?  Wait, you want two pics?!  Well, let’s see if we can’t get that for ya!

Yup, thought we had a couple of those insane Fiestas in stock.

Hold on now, you would like to see a pic of that blue Fiesta about to jet off the ground?  You’re hoping that pic sends shivers through your spine and makes you pants tight?!  Shall we…

Holy Stegosaurus Balls.

Oh come on now, you want more?!  Fine!

Holy Freaking Maniacal Lemur Balls.  Holy Balls.

I really need a run of the mill shot to quell my nerves after that last pic.  Relate it to a cold shower or something.

Nope, that sure didn’t help.  This is still sick as hell!

Oh screw you, this won’t calm me down!  I need to go stare at a picture of Cher to get rid of the happiness in mah pants this post has given me.

If you want to see more of this insanity, go to the photographer’s Flickr to see more.  I suggest a change of under-roo’s and a diaper.  Trust me.


Transit SportVan

Ford released a new limited edition Transit SportVan in Colorado Red.  Not sure if any of you guys will like this, and frankly I don’t care.  I think this thing is sexay as hell.

LeMans-style hood stripes complete the front end.  Along with all the little skirt enhancements and LED strips.

This is a FWD beast that is based on the popular 260 model, which is a shorter wheel-base, powered by a 140-hp turbo-diesel engine, yummay!  That doesn’t sound like much, but it apparently does the trick.  Don’t forget the six-speed manual transmission that will be standard.  I can dig that, yes I can.

Some of the standard features on this model.

  • Colorado Red paintwork with white bonnet stripes
  • 18in graphite colour alloy wheels, twin exhaust pipes and spoilers
  • Powered by a 140PS TDCi Duratorq engine
  • First medium van with DAB radio as standard
  • A limited edition of 100
  • On sale end of October at £22,630
  • Apparently the Transit SportVan special editions sell out in like 37.48 seconds, not too shabby.  And in case anyone was wondering, like it is even a question, we here in the States will never see such a sexy beast on our shores.

    It looks good and hauls shit, I like where this is going.

    Hey, it’s a van.  The absurdly stark interior comes with the territory.

    Only 100 of the SprtVans will be built in this configuration and we will never see a single one.  Don’t you just love that.  I know I sure do!


    Pics and info: Autoblog


    The ‘Ring . . . of Hatches!

    The title, get it?  Huh, get it?!  No? Got it?  Bah.  It’s okay.  I was half asleep when I wrote it anyway.  For all I know I am writing about split pea soup right now.  Maybeh!

    Okay, sorry.  So I was half bored, not fully bored, and decided to rummage around Flickr for some sweet pics of The Nurburgring Nordschleife.  I hope all of you know about The ‘Ring.  If you don’t please go get your read on.  The place fascinates me personally.  I really hope to make a pilgrimage there some day, along with some other uber famous tracks.  I just want one lap on them!  Well maybe three of four (gotta warm up the rubbers first).  Anyway, I found some shots of some hot hatches roaring around The ‘Ring.

    Enjoy, bitches.

    Focus RS, I still love thee.

    You too.

    Oh shoot, one more.

    Renault Megane RS.  I have never actually seen one of these in any form of track use, so this is pretty damn cool.  I think these were the ones that were basically built for track use (if I recall Top Gear correctly) but I ave never seen one actually used.

    Dat Ass.

    Oh, okay, one more.  This is a R26R, says the photographer.

    Austin Mini, delicious.

    The Renault Megane 3 RS. Now I have never actually seen one of these before.  Very sexy little cars.  I dig, I dig.

    I’ll take one in each colour please!  To go.

    Good lord, the 120D is so sexay.  Seriously, my pants, they are tight.  I think I’m awake now.

    Rent-a-Swift.  If you guys did not know, you can rent a car to hit The ‘Ring with.  You don’t need to be a millionaire and ship your car over of buy one.  You can rent one.  From what I hear, some cars a quite reasonably priced.  Of course I could just be talking out of my ass.  Meh.

    I wonder if the 3 reeled in the STi here, hmmm.  It’s all about context.

    I still love dat ass.  Even if I saw it for the first time today.

    Renault Clio.  Yum.

    I leave you with this…

    To see all the pics, go to the photographer’s Flickr.  Trust me, there is a lot more.  The photographer has a lot of great shots of a wide variety of vehicles.



    I love it when people think out of the box and go for things that are totally different.  I especially love it when the results look like this!

    Hot Dayumn!  This boys and girls is a Ford Festiva slammed to the ground on widened steelies.  I freaking love it!

    Holy hell man!  Like I said, I love it when people think outside of the box.  It is quite refreshing to see someone going against the grain and not doing the same old boring shit everyone else does.  I mean, that is a large part of what this blog is about.  Rides and people that are different and beyond amazing!  It might be slammed and on low offset wheels, but this isn’t some same old EG or 240, this is a damn Festiva!

    Take notes people, this will be on the test.


    A Freaking Focus?!

    Yes, a freaking Focus.  In my opinion, this is the best looking focus I have ever seen, next to the new RS that is.

    I can’t exactly say I follow the Focus seen much but this really is the best looking Focus I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  It is modified very tastefully and executed so well.

    Much respect to the owner of this Focus.  Oh, yeah . . . Dat Ass!!


    NYIAS ’10: The Final Battle

    So remember when I said I had a minute to breathe?  Well that minute is now gone and I am freaking swamped with school work.  I am writing this at 12:30am because I don’t have any other time to write this.  Plus I have friends coming up this weekend and I’ll be damned if I spend even less time with them.  Pray for me children, pray for me.  The next two weeks are going to be hell.

    My final installment from the NYIAS has come and I hope you have been enjoying it so far.  If you haven’t, then there is no hope for you and your constituents.

    I bring you Scion!

    OoOoOooooOOO weee!!! The iQ!!!  This was one of the biggest reasons I went to the auto show.  I loved the 5Axis modified version last year and I couldn’t wait to see a production model up close and personal.

    Although it took me about an hour to get close to the iQ because of all the aforementioned douche nozzles and tool bags.  It was worth the fact that I punched some old lady in the face to get closer to the iQ.  So worth it.  But all I heard around the iQ were people bitching about how small it was and how small the engine was.  News flash, don’t buy it if your fat ass can’t fit in it or it doesn’t accommodate your lifestyle.  I personally love these things and if I lived somewhere other than the rural country I would buy one of these.  The 1.3L will not fair well in the mountains by my house.  Although, I am very interested to see how these sell.

    5Axis did up another iQ for this year’s auto show and boy o’ boy is this thing a looker.  I mean, hot dayumn!

    Those are some really sexy wheels.  5Axis has a serious talent for wheels as well as a car’s aesthetics.

    Oh my my, dat ass!  I think every cosmetic enhancement has been extremely tastefully done and flows very well.  Not to mention that colour is gorgeous.  I should roll up my tongue now.

    Okay, one more.  *drool*

    The new tC, no thanks.

    I’m sure primer gray will be a hit with the kids.

    Although, the 5Axis tC is very intriguing.  Very intriguing.

    Love the over fenders.  They really add character to this bland machine.

    Meh.  Not sure why those honeycombs could fit babies in there, but hey, whatever.

    5Axis did one helluva job sprucing up the rear of the tC.  Because god knows it looked like hell before.

    I just really liked this shot.

    The xB2.2 has a rear I can really get behind.  Ha!  I had a front end shot but it looked like ass.  There were 10k people by this suv.  I have to say, the xB2.2 is really growing on me lately.

    Now if you have read my reviews of the Scion booth people from years past, you know my distaste for them.  They had the same retards for a couple years and those ‘tards never knew anything outside of the script they were made to memorize.  They annoyed me every time I went to the show.  This year it looked like a whole new crop of people, to me at least.  I talked to the iQ guy at the 5Axis iQ and he seemed like an okay guy.  Chatted for a minute and he knew some stuff.  One of the Scion ladies at the counter was really nice and even knew what I meant when I said I own a “2005 Scion xB RS2.”  The dude she was standing with had no freaking clue.  Judging based off that, it looks like Scion brought out a good group of spokespeople this year, bravo.

    Umm, so yeah.  Anyone want to give me $50k so I can buy this beast?  Anyone?

    Just interesting to see one of these when they are not dinged to hell or destroyed.  I really dig it.

    George Barris’ Monkees Mobile.

    It’s like a giant Tonka Toy!!

    Please, someone inform me why Kia thought it would be a good idea to use a dildo with measles to sell cars?  I mean, really?

    Hands down, the coolest damn Kia I have ever laid my eyes upon.  “Purpose built race Kia” is not something I hear every day, or any day.

    I bid you adieu with one of my favourite parts of a car: Dat Ass!

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