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Ice Cold Cube

DOHCResearch constantly showcases some of the best Japan and Hawaii have to offer and today’s post tells the same story.


Peep this gooooooooooorgeous little Nissan Cube that they posted up from their  Slammed Society coverage.


I do believe that she is nestled on a set of CCW wheels, that set her off quite nicely.  Yes, quite nicely.


The dropability (yes, I just made that word up, deal with it) is supplied by a setup from Bold World Air Suspensions.  It looks f**king proper.


Just enough of everything is drizzled over this beauty.


Dat Ass.

Pics and info: DOHCResearch


Interesting Cube

Found this Cube in my folder and didn’t even realize I had saved it.  We all know that I love me some Cube action, there is no doubt about that, but I am on the fence about this one.  I don’t hate it, not by any means, I actually like it, but  feel it is missing something.  Not sure what though.

I don’t know, maybe I am high or something because it looks great but I feel like there is something missing.  It’s missing a certain je ne sais quois.

I do loves me some purple.


Still Stuck

So I am still in NYC because I cannot get a ride back to NJ due to the snow and ice and Godzilla attack.  So I’ll post up Kieran’s Cube that he posted up under Ballin’ Cube.

There is nothing special about his Cube, he is just doing his thing and I dig it.

Space Invaders STICKER!!!  So freaking awesome!  Hahaha.

Michael posted up his xB to the FBook page and I felt he deserved a shout too.

FBook killed the quality, but it still looks good.

Keep it up guys!


Ballin’ Cube

Just so you guys know, if an old lady offers you a bag of candy, don’t take it.  I don’t care how convincing she is and how hot her granddaughter is.   The candy is a farce and you’ll wind up sick, like me.   Damn old people.  Damn them!

Anywhoooo, enjoy this Cube while I sit and wallow in my weakness.

Hot Lava = Hot Fiyah!!  *tttsssssss*


Autumn Cube

Since the leaves are pretty much gone now from the deciduous trees and I am reminiscing about how beautiful mid-October/early-November was, we shall just bask in the glory of this Cube Krome in it’s Autumn bliss.

I unfortunately have not found any other info on this Cube.  It was just another random internet find and I cannot locate it’s origins.  If anyone knows more about this, hit me up!


Cube . . . Pickup . . . ?!

We all know that if you’re on this site, you probably spend too much time on the interwebs and you probably have some odd affliction to the oddballs of life.  You can admit it, go ahead, you’re not alone.  There are a lot of you, trust me.  If only people knew how many of you freaks visit this site daily.  It is insane.  And some of the searches people use to find this site are even more preposterous.  I kid you not when I say that “dildo” has shown up more than once.  Eh-hem, back to that whole thing about searching the interwebs for days at a time.  It is common knowledge that the internet is used for pr0n, weird shit, pr0n, and then anything remotely useful.  My pr0n happens to do with things with a large ass.  And by large ass, I mean a hatchback.  OOOOOOOh boy!  I loves me some back!  Add a wiper back there and I’m done!

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, interwebs browsing.  So, I spend a lot of time searching for stuff to post here and sometimes it sucks and sometimes I strike gold.  Many times I strike something that is not so pretty and have to backtrack and figure out how in the world I wound up staring at an old naked lady holding a machete standing on a pile of rubber duckies.  Weird shit.  Well I think I struck some gold today.  If not gold, at least pieces of wood painted gold.

Oh snap!?  Is that a Nissan Cube, truck?  Oh, why yes it is a Nissan Cube truck.  It is actually a Nissan Cube converted into a faux pickup.

These 2nd gen (??) Cubes were converted to this form of dopesauce by MonoCraft, which is under the Autobacs umbrella.  Japanese car heads will know all about the Autobacs company.  I could not find a definitive name for them, but “Amino” continued to show up in my research so I am guessing that that is the name given to these little nuggets.

I really like it, even though they did not mold the rear doors, which surprises me.  Everything looks great and very well done, except for that.  But I can almost overlook it, almost.  It still continues to bother me.

Check out dat ass.  I can dig it!

Again, that rear door is bothering me.  I really would like to know what’s the deal there.  Seems almost lackadaisical.

The craftsmanship looks nice, especially from this angle.

Now, I know this is actually three or four years old, but it is new to me and I really dig it and I figured at least one of you guys would too.  What are your thoughts on the Cube-Amino?  Does that rear door bother you as much as it does me?

Also, just some random shit for you guys today.  When I was searching around I stumbled across the most random thing I have ever seen involving a bull, a Nissan Cube, and large brown man.  Check this out and tell me that’s not random. Without any context clues, that is absurdly random.

Pics and info: Nihon Car


Reader’s Rides: Paul’s Cube

Is it any secret that I love to see what you guys roll around in everyday?  No, it is not.  And if it is really a secret, it is a terribly guarded secret because everyone knows it.  I knew I should have opted for the deluxe package on my “secret security plan” dammit.

Well, I will have to contact my “secret” agent sometime this week.  (Baha, get it?  “Secret Agent?”  Bahaha.  Shut up.)  Until I get that all squared away, check out Paul’s ultra smooth Cube.  (Get that one?  “Squared away.”   “Ultra smooth.”  Get it?  It’s a Cube!  Shut up, I hate you guys.)

Paul approached me last week and asked me if I would like to feature his Cube (Krom edition I presume), seeing as I tend to enjoy the boxy and I don’t have many Cubes on here.  (Addressing the lack of Cube-age here, I just don’t find many Cubes worth posting.  Whether that be from lack of looking or those sweet pics just don’t find me.  If you have any shots, send them my way!)

Paul promised me riches beyond my wildest dreams if I posted his Cube.  If I posted Paul’s Cube he said he would give me seventeen and seven-tenths boxes of Sweet ‘N’ Low along with as many bags of packing peanuts as I could carry.  Now I do not like styrofoam and styrofoam products because of how detrimental they are to the environment, but I could fill up three, maybe four, kiddie pools with packing peanuts.  Can you say partay!?  Whoop-Whoop!

Now I accepted Paul’s offer purely on the basis of journalistic integrity.  What?  I like my tea sweetened high and low, all at the same time.  Journalistic integrity, or tea.  Same difference.

Paul’s Cube has a very long mod list.  Think, Rapunzel’s hair, before she got the bob haircut.  I’ll touch on a few things.

Paul is rolling on Arthur Exchange Salamander by Rays, 18×8″ and Tanabe Sustec Pro coilovers.  His suspension is basically built by Ultra Racing.  He seems to have their entire catalog, which is a good thing.

His interior is filled with a mix of OEM pieces and custom touches.  One that I really enjoy is his, “custom ghetto cargo organizer.”  His words, not mine.  Oh and I bet that ginger ale can is custom too.

The 1.5L engine found in Paul’s Cube has a little somethin’-somethin’ too.  A Stillen Hi-flow intake, Custom cat-back exhaust with dual center tips, and NST under drive pulley allow the little beast to breath and operate a little better.  I wonder how that sounds…

Cube surfing?  Is this some new fad I don’t know about?  Damn kids and their rock ‘n’ roll!

I really like Paul’s Cube, and not just because he is a reader of OMGP.  It is very clean and simple and I love that.  Everything flows and works well together.  I hope he keeps this thing safe and happy.

Thanks for being an avid reader Paul, much props!


NYIAS ’10: Whole Lotta Sugah

Okay so I finally have more than ten minutes to myself.  School is pretty hectic right now and I haven’t had much time for anything other than schoolwork.  I tell you what though, I have been seeing a lot more crazy shit lately.  Like yesterday, a bird flew through my xB.  I am not sure how the hell this little guy did it, but I had all my windows down and I am almost 100% certain a robin came kamikaze style towards my xB and then flew through the open windows.  I literally exclaimed, “holy testicles, did that just happen?!”  Of course no one was with me so I really couldn’t corroborate the insanity of it all.  I swear that bird flew through my xB, seriously.  If you don’t believe me then I hate you forever.

Okay now I am posting some of the NYIAS stuffs.  If you have been on OMGP for longer than a second then you know how I like to post things way after anyone gives a shit about it.  So here is my NYIAS “coverage” ha!

Foist off we have the Nissan Juke,

All I have generally seen is hate towards this little machine, but I really like it.  It is funky and weird but still pretty cool to me.  Although having fog lights that are larger than the headlights is a little odd, but I could roll with that.  Maybe…

Tails are similar to the 370Z, interesting…  Nissan has really taken a liking to that light design.  It’s growing on me.

This was the only Cube that I saw at the show.  Nissan really toned things down from last year for the Cube.  I liked the poster behind the Cube but couldn’t get a good shot without a million freaking people in front of me.  Hence why this photo has like thirty people.  I just couldn’t get a shot free of people.  Now, I have no idea why that guy is humping the front end of the Cube.  He is just all up in the grille, literally.  I mean I really like the Cube, but not enough to have relations with it.  Well at least not in public…

The only reason I am posting this is because this Smart had such an interesting bike rack on it.  It was attached to the hatch and two spots on the bumper.  I personally have never seen a rack like this before and think it is pretty neat-o.  Also when I was taking this photo I had to yell at some fat kid that kept walking into my shot.  I had to yell at him, “hey chubby, move.”  The chick he was with wasn’t too happy.  I didn’t mind.

Fiat Girls, woot!  Oh yeah, the 500 is nice too.

Hands down the sexiest auto show model at the show.  Damn shame she is relegated to the Chrysler booth though.

The Lexus booth was crawling with guidos and douchebags (as it always is; along with MB, BMW, and Cadillac) so I didn’t even bother to go into there.  Which I am kind of upset about now because i missed the LF-A and I freaking missed the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon!  I know! I can’t believe I missed it!  Fucking NY/NJ douchebags.

Anyway, this CT 200h was pretty damn sexy.  Yeah, yeah it’s a hybrid and all that jazz.  I only care because it’s pretty damn sessi!!  I really hated the cycling lighting on this car though.  It was really tough to get a proper shot.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why the hell am I looking at a Sienna?”  I’ll tell you why.  The new Sienna is pretty damn good looking.

Yes, most of these vans are going to be destroyed by kids and their boogers, but I put this new Sienna right up there with the Previa in terms or sheer sex appeal.  I can’t wait to have kids so I can drive a sexified van and not have people think I am some big brown pedophile with shiny rims.  That’s a terrible reason to have kids, but a very valid one.

Dear Honda, please refine this design a tad and then build it!

Is it really a surprise that I like Volvos?  Beyond the fact that I think they have great lines, especially their wagons, lots of soccer moms drive them.  The good kind of soccer mom *wink*.  Not those big and crazy ladies that get into fights at their kids’ game.

I’ll end it there for right now.  I have probably two or three more posts of stuff from NYIAS, so stay tuned for that biatches!



Soooo, I was up all Saturday night, don’t ask me why, I got really bored at 8am and didn’t want to sit around anymore.  So I decided to go out in 3 degree weather, yes 3 degrees, and take some peechurs.  Well it is quite difficult in 3 degree weather to take pics.  This was something I learned for the first time while I was out there.  So most of my pics came out like anus because I was cold as hell and just snapping and running away.  It was freaking cold!

Don’t believe me?

That freaking frost was all over the box.  After 15 minutes of warming her up, the frost was still mostly there.  So that frost combined with the fact that I haven’t washed the box in God knows how long made for some pretty shitty shots.  Oh and it was cold.

I took some pics of Old Main here at Penn State.  I just ran from spot to spot, aiming and shooting.  Just hoping for some good stuff.  I didn’t see anything good that came form that.  It was crazy though.  8am on a Sunday and the campus was practically dead.  Erie almost.

Decided to swing by the Nissan dealership to snap some pics of the Cube next to the box.  Don’t ask me why.  I was passing the dealership and said, “sure, this looks good.”  So I did it.

I don’t have much to say for this.  Just a little comparison of the xB against the Cube.  I love them both, but I would still choose an xB over a Cube any day, especially my xB.  Although, if I had a choice between the xB2 and the Cube, the Cube would be mine.

Steelies and a purple grille, winter mode son!

Yeah, these pics suck too.  The frost and the dirty factor of both vehicles didn’t offer any assistance to me.  Not to mention that there was some pretty harsh sunlight.

Hope you enjoyed some dirty ass boxed vehicles.  I didn’t when I was taking these, that’s for damn sure.  Freezing my fat ass off for you people.  See the things I do for you?  My nipples seriously could have cut diamonds while I was out there, seriously.


Cube renderings

Found some pretty awesome Cube renderings in my hard drive.  I don’t know where the hell I got them from but they are pretty damn awesome.

Safari style windshield, SICK!  This is just badass, I cannot get over that windshield.  No matter how impractical it is, I loves it!

Okay, this one trumps the latter.  Pop out windows and a slot for the board is freaking crazy awesome.  That step is also pretty damn sick.  The integration is great.

Found some more info on the shop that drew the rendering, but nothing more on the Cubes themselves.  I will have to do more digging.  Problem Child Kustomz

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