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Sometimes I just have some very mixed feelings about things.  Some, very mixed feelings.  Take for example this Wagovan that was at a local meet here.  We all know I love a well done Wagovan and just Wagovans in general, but this one makes me feel a little, well you take a look.

It has potential, tons of potential, but it is just full of poor execution and, what I feel is, trying-too-hard-syndrome.  I cannot deny the beauty of a well stanced ride, especially a Wagovan, but I can deny the overall lack of execution on this one.

I like the height.  I like the wheels.  I like the fitment, but it is just wrapped together all wrong.  Not to mention that the trends that I had hoped thought had died off are alive and well on this ride: primer as paint, rusted hood, unused roof rack (that bike never left the rack), etc.

The fenders, seriously?

I really hope this is just construction stages and the owner is going to clean things up.  This Wagovan has a shit ton of potential, but the execution needs to be there and on point.  Love what I said or hate it, I said it.  I want to like it, but it won’t let me.

If you’re going to do it, do it right.  But that’s just me…


If you want to see the other pics from the meet, peep the Flickr.


One Strong Cappuccino

7Tune has a good little read about the Take Off track-prepped Suzuki Cappuccino.  This thing is seriously beast.

I won’t delve too far into this car because the post on 7Tune does a much better job than I can do, but I still want to post pics of this monster.  Well, tiny monster.

The suspension actually has R32 Skyline components, badass.  I would love to see this thing run in real life.  I bet it is all kinds of insane and probably a handful, well a tiny handful.

TE37′s up front and Hyashi Type CR’s out back really set this biscuit off.

Check out the full post on 7Tune.


Not going to lie…

…I’m still on that rally bender.  I even plugged my 360 in for the first time in three months so I could play Dirt2.  I know that doesn’t sound insane, but my friends can attest, I use my 360 more as a decorative electronic than a gaming console.  Count that towards being a broke college kid still and my untamed laziness.

I saw this gorgeous photo on my hard drive and I new I had to post this bitch up.  It is a fantastic photo.

Pretty much the most amazing picture of a Suzuki Swift I have ever seen.  Ever see a better one?  Post it!


Guess who is on a rally bender…

…this guy!

Yeah, so I am in the rally mood lately and have been hunting for pics like a mildly hungry fat kid that caught the scent of a twinkie truck with a flat tire.  Yeah, I am on the prowl.

But this time I went in search of Rally-X pics and I think i found some seksi shots for you guys.  These shot are from the 2010 Rally Cross Lydden hill Fia european rallycross championships.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Good thin you didn’t pay for a damn thing.

Focus RS, I still love you!

This pic is full of awesomesauce and dopesauce.  So much sauce!

So, I’m not actually sure what this is.  I do know that it makes my pants tight.  Shawing!

A rocking Peugeot 207.

I believe many of you are familiar with Mr Tanner Foust.

He knows his way around the track.  Just a tad.

Who needs a rear tire?  Not this guy.  It’s rim or nothing.

Can your Peugeot 207 catch air?  Didn’t think so.

Fiestas, Focuses, 207′s playing in the dirt.  What more can a boy ask for?  Oh yeah, pr0n.

Pics: Flickr


Rally Wagon

I was bored and avoiding doing my internship assignments, like any good college student would do, so I decided to search flickr for some post-able material.  I typed “rally wagon” into the search box and found these pics of a pretty badass Hawkeye WRX wagon in full rally action.

Let dat ass hang out!

Fucking sick.

Pics: Flickr

As I scrolled through the mass of pics that came up in the search, there were an odd number of what looked like steam trains.  Yeah, I am not sure what was going on there.  There were a lot of Dodge Power Wagons too, which I should have expected beacuse they are so damn awesome.  But amidst the steam trains and power wagons, were these shots…

If you liked the pics above, you have to enjoy these.  Haha, the girl driving looks like she is in full focus mode.  And by “focus mode” I mean she is tearing shit up!  Co-pilot seems a little scared?

Haha, nope.  The co-pilot is having a blast too.

Check out the rest of the pics from this user, he has a lot of awesome shots from the same mud pit/hole/thing.

Pics: Flickr


Flyin’ Mini

I believe this pic is from the Targa Newfoundland Rally in, you guessed it, Newfoundland.  I follow the rally every year and hope to be able to compete in it one day.

Blurry, but still gives that “badass” feeling I have grown to love and enjoy.

Here is a pic of the same Mini, just not in mid-flight.

I don’t think the pics are from the same years, but it is the same car.

Still, badass.


The Juke

Now I know a lot of people do not really like the new Nissan Juke, but I for one do.  I think it is weird and funky but in a good way.  The eighteen sets of headlights is a little awkward, but it somehow makes it work for me.  Know what else works for me?


Now I know that this is a photoshop, but dammit, this thing is hot!  I like everything about it.  Subtle enhancements and a great stance makes me really, really enjoy the look of this Juke. Photoshop or not, I dig it.


Holy Balls: Part Deux

So I did some more research and followed the links that you guys sent me and hoooooooly balls!  I fucking love this thing even more!

Sexiest Mercedes Benz W123 I have ever seen.  Hands down.

Get it!!

Commenter Doggelol stated that this monstrosity has upwards of 600hp!  600hp!! Can you imagine kicking a 600hp diesel wagon sideways?  I can’t even fathom how that would feel outside of, AMAZING!  Imagine just being the chase vehicle and having to deal with the clouds of black smoke and the suet covering your windshield.  I bet some drifters wished they would have kept their wipers, haha.

Here that vid I was talking about.  Thanks for the link guys but I actually found it on my own, once I got past my own stupidity.

She sound so pissed and angry.  I guess that Scania turbo has something to do with that, :P

I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I am thoroughly in love with this W123.  Absolutely in love.   It is basically what I would do, but 100,000,000,000 times better!

Can’t see shit!

The thumbs have it, this is amazing!


Holy Balls

I am salivating, literally.

I know there is a video somewhere of this monster, I have seen it, but I can’t find it.  It is a diesel beast from Sweden of Norway, I cannot recall.  Someone help me out!!

Edit: This Monster is from Finland!  My apologies.


Holy Audi Batman!

Been dumb busy with all kinds of crap lately, excuse my severe lack of postage.

Brian sent me a link to pics of his buddy’s Audi S4 Avant sitting super fucking pretty on Rotiform VCE’s!

Holy Balls.

Seriously, holy balls.

After I did some digging, I found that these monsters are 19×9.5 19×10 +35.  Ten inch wheel!

This A4 Avant is on freaking point.  Simple and fucking mind blowing at the same time.  Major props to the owner!  A job well done.

Thanks for the tip Brian!

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