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Southern Fresh

This is one seriously fresh Accord wagon.  Hands down one of the best I have ever seen.

Holy shit, I love the colours here.

So fresh, so clean, so fanfuckingtastically amazing.

Major props to the owner.

Pics: Southrn Fresh, Du Werke


Purest Form of Win

Seriously, this is the purest form of win in the highest caliber.  Seriously.

This Forester looks unassuming and lightly modified.  What could be so win about it?


Yeah, that just happened.

A sexy Forester, towing one suuuuper sexy Levin.  I still can’t wrap my head around how dumb awesome this is.  The Forester is great but then you see it towing a decked out Levin!  How is my mind still intact and not blown out of my eye sockets right now?  How!?

Hot damn I love sexified Levins.

Just so, very, very, very awesome.  Utilitarianism at it’s very finest.



I went auto-x’ing this past Sudnay again and boooooooy was it a blast!  Man, auto-x twice in two weeks, I’m living the dream ladies, living the dream.  I finished first in my class this time, booyow!   Never hit a cone, booyow!  Had a fucking awesome time, booyow!

If you’d like to see my pics from the event, find them here on my Flickr.

Here are a couple shots taken by Chuck Carroll.


Body roooooooll!


Flying Stick of Butter!

People ask me why I don’t go lower and flush with what all the kids are doing now.  You can’t rock house like that if you’re rubbing over every bump and your car handles like doo-doo.  I love the looks of a dumped ride, but prefer the feel of a smooth corner.

I hope I can go back soon.  My collegiate career is coming to a close and I am still a broke-ass college kid.  Soon I’ll be just a broke-ass.

Pics: Chuck Carroll My pics: My FLickr


Instant Pancakes: Hiromu Naruse Passes

I hadn’t planned to post today but I feel very obligated to now.  You’re probably getting inundated with this news all over automotive blogs, but it is for good reason.  Hiromu Naruse, Toyota’s chief test driver, died behind the wheel of a LFA Nürburgring Edition earlier today.  He apparently crashed head-on with a BMW piloted by two BMW test drivers.  Both occupants of the BMW survived but one is listed in critical condition.

If you’re a fan of basically anything performance oriented Toyota has produced within the past forty plus years, you partially have Hiromu Naruse to thank (of course others too).  Naruse-san was is an automotive genius and could drive like few ever could even imagine.

Obviously I never knew the man personally, nor have I been a super fanboy to him, but I feel very saddened by this information today.  As a Toyota fan, automotive enthusiast, and a person that enjoys a smooth apex, my heart hurts.  I’ve never felt this sad over someone I never even knew.  My heart and prayers go out to his family, the Toyota family, and the BMW test drivers and their families.  I pray for everyone involved.

Autoblog has a quick and nice tribute to the man that brought joy to so many.

His death is almost automotive poetry.  He died piloting the last, and possibly the greatest, car he had a hand in designing and creating.

I depart with a pic of my favorite vehicle Naruse-san created, the 2000gt.  RIP, you’re in God’s paddock now.

Original story: Autoblog, Pic: JNC


Ice Cube

No, not that Ice Cube,

I meant this Ice Cube,

This is the Inden-Design’s new kit called Ice Cube, for the Daihatsu Materia/Toyota bB/Subaru Dex.

It’s a pretty subtle kit and I think it compliments the Materia/bB/Dex body nicely.

BBS RS-GT wheels?  Looks like it to me!

Dat Ass!


Purple Drank

I was contacted a little while ago by Gilbert of Scraped Crusaders.  He told me about the blog that him and a few of his like-minded buddies started up.  I gave it a look and liked what I saw.  I enjoy enthusiast driven periodicals and the Scraped Crusaders are doing pretty well so far.  It also helped that Gilbert showered me in lavish gifts like a six pack of Irish Spring soap and two boxes of 100 count plastic forks.  Well one box had 99 in there, but Gilbert said he got hungry.  I can’t blame the guy.  *I am expecting that 100th fork in the mail, soon.*


Anyway, after I saw the blog and everything they had on there so far, I saw Gilbert’s pretty kickin’ ’98 Legacy Wagon.  This thing has style.

He calls this mistress, “Purple Drank.”  Fitting I would say.  Purple Drank is rolling on VW Jetta Wolfsburg BBS rims, in purple.  Gilbert hinted at a slight fetish for purple.  I can’t judge the man though, I too have a thing for purple (I long for a purple xB).  Gilbert wants to eventually rock a plaid purple interior; I approve.

Gilbert and his buddies are doing big things, head over and check them out.  I think Gilbert is also easily bribed with purple things, just saying.

Scraped Crusaders


A Jeep You Say?

Saw this on SixSylinder a while back but kept forgetting to post it up.  Now is the time to post this monstrous metal mayhem.

Yes, that looks to be a Jeep Wrangler laying frame on Wat and giant race rubber.  Yeah, insanely and amazingly awesome does not begin to describe this beast.  I think dopesauce sprinkled with a dash of awesomesauce is what this Jeep has.  Definitely.

It would appear to be an old Jeep Scrambler CJ-8 based on the extended ass of the jeep.  If there was a shot of the front end I could better tell.  If any Jeep gurus can jump in and help out here, feel free to do so.

But how freaking cool is this thing?!  Bagged and laying frame on Wats with a Bride seat that is nearly bigger than the whole ride.  It’s clearly been chopped and that cage doesn’t look to be to spec, but damn this thing is sexy!  If anyone can find anymore pics or info, I’ll give you candy!

Pics: SixSylinder


Damn Kids

Yeah, today is a Big Hindu rant day, with some vannage sprinkled in.  Why is this a Big Hindu rant day?  Because things have just been shitting on me lately and these past 24 hours have really tossed me closer to the edge.

Anyway, yesterday I had some bitch bro create an altercation with me in the middle of the street.  Wanted me to get out of the xB and fight him.  Previously I would be fine with that, but I am too old for this shit now plus, I was in the xB.  I don’t want harm to come to my xB.  People like that will get their ass beat and come back and vandalize your shit.  They aren’t man enough to actually do anything to your face.  Car first, life second: that’s how I roll.

Then I slept a total of two hours last night because my damn roommate decided he needed to make a shit ton of noise with his lady friend and keep me awake.  This “noise” not just noise.  If you have ever had a roommate in college, you should catch my drift here.  So I am running on pure fumes and I still have a lot of schoolwork to finish by tomorrow.

Lastly, someone decides to spit on the xB.  Yes, someone spit on my car, again.  This is the fifth time this has happened to me, on top of many other vandalizing acts upon my xB.  Yeah, people really hate my xB and I.  Well that spit baked in the sun today and has now left a very fashionable set of marks and cracks on my window molding.  Yeah,  didn’t know that spit had radioactive powers.  Maybe this scumbag hadn’t brushed his teeth in preparation for the attack upon my toaster.  These acts of violence towards my xB are way to commonplace and are making me want to get rid of her.  But there isn’t much I can do except clean her up and move on.

I’ve been feeling like a real douche lately because of a lot of compounding reasons but I got to have some fun today.  I lifted my spirits a tad, if only for a few hours.  I was driving my friend back to his place when I decided we were going on a scenic tour of the mountains here.  Upon this fun romp through the hills and twists I decided to go do some “Extreme Toaster Off-Roading!”  Well, that doesn’t work so well when you’re only a couple inches from the regular pavement and you have less horsepower than a hairdryer.  Haha.

We started heading down this dirt road and felt we were either going to a land that time forgot or we were just going to be screwed.  I tried to turn around in the little jug handle that happened to be there.  Went through and didn’t notice the tree branch in front of us.  *Snap*  Broke that tree branch right off, haha.  Then we tried to make the exit, fail.

Whoops!  Lowered cars and high ground do not equate to success.  Sideskirt scrape baby!

Ruh-Roh, we’re going to need a bigger hammer!  With some fanaggling, and some kicking up of the dust, we got this biscuit to freedom!

It was a failfest and I loved it.  But now I digress back to schoolwork and trying to stay awake and learn at the same time.  Thanks for tuning into Big Hindu’s rant post.  Regularly scheduled programming will resume when I say so.


Some Subaru Salsa

Nothing special in the life and times of Big Hindu today, just chilling, probably going to take a nap.  So if you want to rob me, now is the time.  Be aware of this though, there is a gerbil that knows karate that inhabits my premises as well.  Watch yo’ shit.

Some photos from Tyson over at nosyt’s blog.  He has some great shots of some sexified scoobies.

I dig the colour combo here.  Not quite sure what is up with tree frogs all over the place, but it sort of works, ha.

I looooooove this Forester.  It’s so simple and the colours go together so well, imo.  I bet this biscuit has some kick to it too!

Hot DAYUMN!  So fresh and so clean.  Is this the STi swapped Forester?  Anyone???

Black and beautiful, just the way I like ‘em.

Props to Tyson, peep his Flickr and his blog.


Dorifto Element^3

Formula D Round 3 hit Wall Speedway last weekend on 6/6/10 (I hope you people remembered D-Day).  I was super excited because it was in my home state and I could go!  Did I go?  No.  Why Big Hindu, why wouldn’t you go?

Well little Jenny, I am still in PA at school trying to finish and graduate so I can get the most expensive piece of paper I will ever own (my diploma).  I also decided to do some racing of my own instead.  I went auto-x’ing fifteen minutes from campus instead of driving five hours to watch racing.  To me, that’s a pretty good trade off.  I still would have loved to have gone, but it’s okay, I’ll survive.  If you’re wondering, no, I didn’t win.  I turned the fastest time in my class, but because of the PAX thing (I don’t fully understand it yet) I didn’t win overall.  Hopefully next time I can figure this stuff out.  I had a freaking blast though, I had an absolute BLAST!  I was allowed to take pics for my work assignment during the first session.  If you want to see those pics, check them here. Everyone I met there was awesome, and I hope to go back as much as I cna before I graduate.

Any-hoot, I wanted to post some of the pics of James Robinson’s FD Element.

I still love this damn thing. It’s big, awkward, and can get sideways.  How the hell can you NOT like it?!

Sadly, I don’t believe they actually qualified for the top 32 in Wall, but I still have love for them.  That Element is beast and so damn cool.

I really hope they do well at least once this season.  The time and energy in this thing deserves a top 16 at least.  Come on Element, get that shit!

Much props to the Element drift team and Larry Chen for his stellar shots.

Pics: Drift Fotos

Peep the previous posts on the Element here and here.

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