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Mean Starlet

Saw this super mean and super dopesauce Starlet on ra64Freddy.

Gosh Dang Flapjacks this starlet makes me happy.  The huge TRD flares that are uber sexy and rare and the SSR MKII’s.  If you combine that with the fact that you know this thing can kick your ass makes me smile.

Yeah, get it!

Pics: ra64Freddy


Double Shot!

Oh Em Gee, two posts in one day!?!?!?!?!?!  I am mad with power!!

Actually no, I wanted to fill you guys in on the sticker situation.  Stickers are done or nearing completion and should be here soon.  Here is the deal though, I have limited quantities for this first batch.  I did that so I could feel out what you guys wanted.  I will figure out my plan for how to properly and fairly distribute them to the first people that let me know they want one.  I will post a link or something of the sort when that time comes so don’t email me now asking for one.  An advanced email won’t count.  Once these are gone and I know what you guys want and how many, I’ll order accordingly, probably a shit ton more.

In the mean time, I give you a sneak peak of the final product.  If you follow the FBook page, you’ve seen this already.

I KNOW!! They are stunning!!

Hold tight peoples, stickers await you!


Fail Inc. LeMon: II

Donathan sent me another update on the Fail Inc.  Saturn SC2 LeMons entry.  I was going to type this up myself, but I decided to just use Don’s very own words.  I could not have said it better, well because I wasn’t there.

Spelling and grammar mistakes are all ownership of Don.

Yup, had all kinds of fun today as I tore into the engine of the SC2 to replace the head gasket and get it ready for the 24 Horas de Cuba del Norte, which is the name of the event on December 30th (tech being Dec 29th… hooray!) I of course made sure that I had everything I needed on hand. 1/2 inch drive set, check. torque wrench, check. mechanix gloves, check. Prescription safety glasses, check. Local rock station, Check (and yes, turned up to 11) and of course a 12 pack of beer, because hey, its hot and i get thirsty…

so I start pulling the motor apart. everything is going good, the car is up on Jackstands, and Im just plugging away… needless to say I thought that everything was going all kinds of smooth……… yeah, untill I got to pulling the head bolts… the first 9 came out as if they were in there robot tight, the last one, of course, didnt seem like it was held in at all, I pulled it out and of course, that bolt was all kinda of broken! sweet, so one is halfway into the block, no worries once the head is off Ill get it out. Then I notice that as Im shaking the engine there is coolant coming out of the head… wait wut? holy shit… cracked head is no bueno!

well shit, So I find out that to pull the motor the timing cover and chain has to come off… ok, so I pull the accessory pulleys off, the timing cover off… hell, forgot to drain the oil in the motor… so I grabbed for my oil catch pan and drained it… what I found, shocked me just a little bit… out of the engine came about a gallon of oil, half a gallon of water, some chocolate milk sludge, a quart of coolant, some metal fragments from the bearings, and a fucking giraffe!

well shit, its good that I have some beer, otherwise this would piss me off… oh well, nothings free!

Pics are attached of course, and of course, Donations are always accepted…

I could not have made that anymore failtastically awesome.


And so it begins . . . again . . .

Yeungling, always a good choice.

Yum, deliciosity!

I’ll take two please!  To go, yeah, wrap that bitch up.

Good luck Mr. Don.


I’m Dubbin’ It

I am swamped with everything about life right now, excuse my lack of posting.  I am in the midst of building a new mtb though.  Hopefully it pans out well.  I also just read one of the most amazing books that more than likely changed my outlook on a few things.

Some shots my friend Anthony took from VW/Audi Spring Show N Go.

This Jetta Wagon is insanely gorgeous!  Clean and simple in its execution.

Hot Dayumn this thing is HOT FIYAH!

Another gorgeous and super clean example of a Jetta Wagon.  Man, I had not idea we had stuff like this right around the corner.

Yep, I messed my pants after checking out this Golf.  Yep, totally messed myself.

MKIV Jetta front end just makes this Golf so much more sexay!

To see more from Anthony and this show, check his Flickr.  Anthony has so much talent, the man knows his shit!


3 times a lady

Probably the sexiest standard Mazda 3 I have ever seen.  I love everything about it.

So clean, so smooth, and so fresh!

I have always adored the RPF1’s and they look sooooo very good on this 3.  I am actually currently in the market for a set, tehehe!

I love the stance, the wheels, the colour, and the work put into this 3.  Major props to the owner!

Pics: Stanceworks


Wait, what?

Just no, just no.

I can’t say I am a fan of this.  It looks like “trying-too-hard syndrome” at its worst.  I hope the guy is on bags and just aired it up but if that isn’t the case, seriously, wtf.


Das Matrix

More schoolwork, yay!  Shut up.

I give you a very clean and very sexy Matrix.

I like where this is going.

Dat ass!

Major props to the owner.


I said a boom chicka boom

I am so very excited right now, so very excited!  I am about to go in a totally different direction with this so stick with me if you’d like.  If you hate what I am about to write, shit happens.

I was contacted by the prevayor of fail, Don, a little while ago about a project he was coming up with that he would like me to cover.  I was skeptical to say the least.  Why?  Because Don’s projects are far from ordinary and I was scared for the children.  I wanted to make sure those kids still had a chance after Don was done.  This new project of Don’s was something I was not expecting but was super stoked to hear about.  Don was getting a car to enter the 24 hours of LeMons in Florida.  If you do not know what the 24 hours of LeMons is, educate yourself meng.

When I heard this I was like, “boom, I’m down!”  I was not sure on the car he was choosing and if it would be OMGP compatible, but I just said “fuck it, I’m doing it.”  And as you can see, that is exactly what I am doing.

This is the Saturn SC2 that Don and Fail Inc will be campaigning for the 24 hours of LeMons in Florida.  I believe he said that it will take place around New Years so stay tuned.

For LeMons, the car has to be purchased, built, and race-prepped for a max of $500 and that is exactly what Fail Inc is doing.  This Saturn just oozes the scent of a lemon, doesn’t it?

Yes, the hood is missing.  They had to drive the SC2 hoodless across Orlando because it has a blown head gasket and is going through coolant like I go through underwear, very fast.

Body by Tupperware, ha!

Don’s collection of Fail.

I will be chronicling Fail Inc’s decent into LeMons history here on OMGP up until and, hopefully, including the race.

Good luck to you Donathan and Fail Inc.  God help us all . . .


Da fugg?

I am back at school again, woot!  Penn State gave me one glorious week between classes, so lucky!  Anyway, I have a lot of work to do and the internet in my room isn’t set up yet so I am posting from a comp lab and do not have access to the Big Hindu archives of seks.  I am making due with what I have and what I have is a picture that looks innocent until you look behind the van…

Look at the nice Stepwagon and then look off to the top right…

…yeah, that guy.  What da fugg?  I was looking through the pics I have on my school hard drive and came across this nicely done Stepwagon.  I proceeded to move my eyes upward on the pic and noticed “that guy” over there.  Yeah…



Videographaology: Yeah, I made it up, deal with it.  I figured today I would post some vids.  These vids touch my heart in some way.  Some make me cry, some make me laugh, some make me wish I was a giraffe.  Exactly.

I loves this vid.  It was sent to me by a reader and I had not seen it before then.  I have to admit that I have watched this vid twenty or thirty times already since then.  I really dig it.  It’s catchy, gets you moving, innovative (for a Toyota), not to mention that the mom is sexy, which doesn’t hurt.  The song gets my rump shaking.  The little girl dancing is awesome too.

Thanks for the tip Dwight!

Umm, yeah.  This truck is just gorgeous, that is all.

Jet engine kei truck?!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

My man Roy sent me a link to this vid a while back.  It’s of a vans olling by at a show in Japan.  It’s kind of slow going, but the vans in there are crazy, crazy awesome.

Vid of the white Accord wagon with the intensely amazing camber I posted a while back.

Same Accord pulling out of what I suppose is the same show.  The dude is just gunning it and scraping like he doesn’t give a shit.  The red Estima behind him makes me happy, very happy.  The person shooting really needs to get a handle of their puberty transition because that laugh in terrible.

Same thing, different angle.

Thanks for the vids Roy!

Yeah, I’m weird, but I love this.  It ooooooozes awesomeinity.

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