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Still pretty damn busy with school.  It is currently 6am and I am studying and doing laundry right now, haha.  Multitasking like a college student should.  I just wanted to post these pics from Fatlace’s One/One show.  Yeah, I am like eighteen weeks behind the curve, but that’s how I like to roll.  Post it when you guys have forgotten about it.  It’s how I stay so young and beautiful.  (Coco butter is my secret weapon, bitches)

HeyMikeyyyyy’s refreshed xB.

Man, this thing is even better than before.  And it was sexy as hell before.  Now every time I look at his xB I have to wear a helmet because it blows my mind!

Oh mah gawd.  I would possibly kill the entire Brady Bunch if I could get this Cressida Wagon.

Like, seriously, the entire Brady Bunch family.

Matty’s xB, always a fan of this sex machine.



Boso Train

Haha, I love this!  Some neat shots of a group of HiAces cruising down the boulevard.

I have to say that this is one of the coolest van processions I have ever seen.  Cruises here do not look this damn cool, I’ll tell you that.  Trust me, if cruises here were even half as cool as this, I would need a change of under-roo’s every ten minutes.  That Mazda Demio helps things out too.

Dopesauce doesn’t begin to describe these shots.


So FITting

I think I have a new favourite Fit.

The body work and fabrication here is amazing.  So smooth.  So sleek.  So.  Damn.  Sexaaaaay!

Yep, I have a new all holy Fit in my mind now.  Good lord man, this is one beautiful machine.


Pristine Previa

Still a busy bee with a shit-ton of schoolwork to finish before I leave this year.  Plus I just have a lot on my mind at the moment.  So I am only posting some quick stuff right now.

Found these great pics of this gorgeous Previa on my hard drive last night, figured I would post them today.

I can’t remember where they came from, so sorry for not citing, but this thing is so sexy.  I love the simplicity and class of this Previa.  Plus, it is on US soil, major plus!

Man, i wish I could find a pristine Previa to build someday.

A set of Kranze Bazreia wheels really just sets this babe magnet off.  Dopesauce?  I think so!


Ferrari Wagon, sounds right . . . WUT?!

Another reader submission today.  Ian sent me a few pics and info over on SL (ScionLife) about a Ferrari Wagon.  Oh yes, a Ferrari Wagon.  He said he hadn’t seen any exotics on OMGP and that I should check it out.  So I did.  Just when I was reading what he wrote I was flabbergasted to see the word “Ferrari” used in conjunction with the word “wagon.”  I then looked at the pics and was like, “Uh Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!”

Check this biscuit out!  I did a little research (Wikipedia, ha!) and found out there were only seven of these made by Pininfarina for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.  After they were built, the Prince only actually bought six of them.  That means there is one floating around somewhere?  I have no idea, but that’s a pretty neat story.  Some guy with oodles of money decides he wants to commission one of the most intense wagons ever and then decides he only wants six of the seven that were built.  What a boob.

I do know that this is called a Ferrari 456 GT Venice.  Also known as an Estate.

It’s freaky and sexy all at the same time.  I am so confused and intrigued.

Thanks for the tip Ian!


J’s Racing Fit

The J’s racing Fit/Jazz is known the world over for it’s awesome performance and stellar appearance.  I know that I drool every time I see pics of it on the track.  But these pics are different…

I don’t know why, but I really like this photo.  There’s something about this pic of the Fit up on stands and being worked on that makes me smile.  Maybe it’s because I know this thing is a real monster and the work they’re doing to it will likely make it even more sexified.

Dopesauce to the umpteenth degree!

Pics from FLickr


New to me

I am absurdly swamped with work, exams, projects, presentations, papers, and baby mama drama right now.  On top of all that, I am looking for internships and jobs right now.  I apologize for the distance at the moment but I have to finish this semester strong seeing as it is my last.  The life of a college student: awesome and insane. 

I was sent these pics last week by Dave, a loyal OMGP aficionado.  I was super surprised at what he sent me, not because they are crazy and creepy, but because I have never actually seen a Mazda 5 with any sort of modification other than children’s snot.

A matte black Mazda 5.  I never thought of this combo before, but it looks so good!  I think those are Drag DR13’s on there.  I am not 100% on that.  I actually wanted a set of those way back in the day.  Back when I first got my box.  I am so glad I stayed with 15’s.

I really have never seen a modified Mazda 5 before and I really like the look of this thing.  It’s simple, clean, and black.  That sounded weird…

After Dave sent this to me, I alerted him that I had never seen one done up.  His response was to send me another 5.  This one was also very well done and also very sexified. 

No offense to the owner’s here, but I like the style of this 5 much more.  The simplicity and sex appeal is what is drawing me to this one.

very nicely done I’d say.

Dat Ass!

I recall that someone had asked to see done up MPV’s when I first started this blog monster.  Well here you go guys!

Thanks to Dave for the tip!


So fresh

I have school work coming out of my ass so I don’t have a lot of free time this week.  Final two weeks of my senior year of college, fuck.

Whatever, here is this gorgeous S4 Avant.

Holy testicles, this thing is gorgeous!  So fresh and so clean.  BBS CH’s if I am not mistaken?


NYIAS ’10: The Final Battle

So remember when I said I had a minute to breathe?  Well that minute is now gone and I am freaking swamped with school work.  I am writing this at 12:30am because I don’t have any other time to write this.  Plus I have friends coming up this weekend and I’ll be damned if I spend even less time with them.  Pray for me children, pray for me.  The next two weeks are going to be hell.

My final installment from the NYIAS has come and I hope you have been enjoying it so far.  If you haven’t, then there is no hope for you and your constituents.

I bring you Scion!

OoOoOooooOOO weee!!! The iQ!!!  This was one of the biggest reasons I went to the auto show.  I loved the 5Axis modified version last year and I couldn’t wait to see a production model up close and personal.

Although it took me about an hour to get close to the iQ because of all the aforementioned douche nozzles and tool bags.  It was worth the fact that I punched some old lady in the face to get closer to the iQ.  So worth it.  But all I heard around the iQ were people bitching about how small it was and how small the engine was.  News flash, don’t buy it if your fat ass can’t fit in it or it doesn’t accommodate your lifestyle.  I personally love these things and if I lived somewhere other than the rural country I would buy one of these.  The 1.3L will not fair well in the mountains by my house.  Although, I am very interested to see how these sell.

5Axis did up another iQ for this year’s auto show and boy o’ boy is this thing a looker.  I mean, hot dayumn!

Those are some really sexy wheels.  5Axis has a serious talent for wheels as well as a car’s aesthetics.

Oh my my, dat ass!  I think every cosmetic enhancement has been extremely tastefully done and flows very well.  Not to mention that colour is gorgeous.  I should roll up my tongue now.

Okay, one more.  *drool*

The new tC, no thanks.

I’m sure primer gray will be a hit with the kids.

Although, the 5Axis tC is very intriguing.  Very intriguing.

Love the over fenders.  They really add character to this bland machine.

Meh.  Not sure why those honeycombs could fit babies in there, but hey, whatever.

5Axis did one helluva job sprucing up the rear of the tC.  Because god knows it looked like hell before.

I just really liked this shot.

The xB2.2 has a rear I can really get behind.  Ha!  I had a front end shot but it looked like ass.  There were 10k people by this suv.  I have to say, the xB2.2 is really growing on me lately.

Now if you have read my reviews of the Scion booth people from years past, you know my distaste for them.  They had the same retards for a couple years and those ‘tards never knew anything outside of the script they were made to memorize.  They annoyed me every time I went to the show.  This year it looked like a whole new crop of people, to me at least.  I talked to the iQ guy at the 5Axis iQ and he seemed like an okay guy.  Chatted for a minute and he knew some stuff.  One of the Scion ladies at the counter was really nice and even knew what I meant when I said I own a “2005 Scion xB RS2.”  The dude she was standing with had no freaking clue.  Judging based off that, it looks like Scion brought out a good group of spokespeople this year, bravo.

Umm, so yeah.  Anyone want to give me $50k so I can buy this beast?  Anyone?

Just interesting to see one of these when they are not dinged to hell or destroyed.  I really dig it.

George Barris’ Monkees Mobile.

It’s like a giant Tonka Toy!!

Please, someone inform me why Kia thought it would be a good idea to use a dildo with measles to sell cars?  I mean, really?

Hands down, the coolest damn Kia I have ever laid my eyes upon.  “Purpose built race Kia” is not something I hear every day, or any day.

I bid you adieu with one of my favourite parts of a car: Dat Ass!


NYIAS ’10: Can I borrow some sugah?

Today I bring you even moar from the NYIAS.  If you were wondering why I don’t have a lot of pics it is because I went straight from New Orleans to the Auto Show.  So I did not have much space left on my memory card after so many pics in NOLA.  I had to constantly delete pics and hope the ones I was keeping were in focus and good.  Some still sucked though, :(.


I shall start things off with a little wine.  Toss on some Luther Vandross maybe even eat a little cheese.  Now we’re in the mood for some Mazda pics…

Mazda 2, aawwwww yeah!

I think Mazda had these modified 2’s at the show last year or I have just seen pics of them before.  They seem so familiar, anyone know for sure if they were at NYIAS last year?

Anyway, I really like the modified 2’s Mazda brought out.  They are pretty well done and feature tasteful mods.  Even the stickers on these things look decent.

I dig on this colour combo.

Surfboards in New York City.  I guess that works?

Right next to the 2’s Mazda had this little vending machine set up full of energy drinks.  All you had to do was give them your email and name and you get this sweet coupon.  I was in it purely for the coupon but I had an overwhelming urge to use the coupon to get a free energy drink.

So I walked up to this machine, wading through the guidos and tool bags, all in pursuit of sweet Mazda deliciousness.  As you can see I was not the first person the get a drink.  The machine is running low.

It’s like a little energy drink theme park!

I got one and was more excited than I have ever been before.  I mean look at it!  it’s freaking zoom-zoom concentrated!  ZOOM-ZOOM CONCENTRATED!!

Oh EM Gee!!  After reading this label I was about to crap my pants with excitement.  I cracked open the can and smelt a smell that rivals Mentos, the fresh maker.  I started rising the can up so I could taste the zoom-zoom bliss.  I brought the can to my lips, took a sip and…

it tasted like shit.

Back to the cars.

This was my favourite of the modified 2’s.  Very simple and clean.

Dat ass!

We now move to Chevrolet.

Alain Menu’s Chevy Cruze from the WTCC.  Why am I posting this?  Look at it, it’s gorgeous!

If you say hella flush, I’ll smack you.  Right after I snapped this pic, some brat-nosed kids hoped over the barrier and walked up to the car.  Their parents, nowhere I could see.  Freaking retards having kids.  I am a firm believer that people need to apply for a license before they are allowed to procreate.  Seriously.

Back to this sex machine.  Dat ass!  Haha.

I am very intrigued to see what the Volt brings to the table.  It is slated to release within the year I believe.  If this thing does not live up to expectations, Chevy is fucked.

I tell you what, the Volt definitely isn’t bad looking.

Okay so this was hilarious.  The spokeswoman for Chevy was talking about the Cruze, doing her whole thang.  Of course no one really gives a shit about the Cruze and no one was listening to her.  Well just one person was…  Do you see that little kid to the bottom right of the glass?  Yeah, he was the only person paying any attention to her.  Once the woman realized this, she did her whole shpeal the kid.  Once people started noticing this happening, they started paying attention.  Haha, I was laughing my ass off along with a lot of other people and the spokeswoman’s colleagues.

Look at the kid hanging on her every word.  I kind of felt bad for the lady, but oh well.

Only reason I took a pic of this is because I haven’t seen one of these DUB xB toys in a ong while.  I have a couple but I bought them three or four years ago.  Throwback!

I pity the fool that decided it was a good idea to remake The A-Team.

I really don’t like the newly bloated SUV they call the Legacy but I did like this display.  You can’t deny the ruggedness of a Subaru.

Why don’t I have any STi pics?  Because the STi’s were also swarmed by tools and douche bags that thought they were the shit.  There were also a shit ton of little kids slobbering over everything and wipng their boogers on the top mount.  I did snap this…

This parent of the century was swinging his daughter from a leash.  Yes, the kid was on a leash and not just that, the moron was swinging the kid around!  I couldn’t snap a pic of the kid in flight, but you can clearly see that this guy was working on his parenting trophy.  Why are people so stupid?

Downstairs at the Javits Center there was an electric test course of sorts.  They had a couple cars there including a GMC Arcadia.

Mistubishi MiEV

Th!nk City, never heard of them but it’s a neat little car.

I’ll end things with the electric cars going warp speed.  Stay tuned for tomorrow for the final installment of NYIAS sugah.

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