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Following in my current psychotic delirium posts of TE37’s on all kinds of crazy shit, I bring you a few more rides rocking these timeless wheels.

People went hibbidy-jibbidy for the post about the 4Runner rocking TE37’s.  That is what really kicked this bitch off.  Then came the Tundra, then we saw the Frontier, and then my personal favourite, the FJ Cruiser.

Boost sent me this one.  Props hombre!

A wrangler on Volks?  Well now I’ve seen everything.  I can’t say it looks bad because it doesn’t.  The dull colour and finish of the TE’s go really well with the green of the Wrangler.

Well done!

Not necessarily odd to see TE’s on an Element but I still think it looks dopesauce.


A Saab you say?

Remember when Saabs were all the rage and everyone was modifying them left and right?

Me neither.

That’s why this Saab 9.2x is so damn dope!

A Saab 9.2x stanced on BBS RS wheels.  I cannot say I ever dreamed this, but I wish I had.  It looks so damn amazing.  The gold BBS wheels fit perfectly with the black and sexy lines of the 9.2x.

If I recall correctly, these are basically a WRX wagon.  I remember when these were going for super cheap because people really didn’t know they existed.  Dealers had them sitting around after they were snipped from the line up.  Man, I wish I wasn’t broke and in high school back then.  Now I’m just broke and about to finish college.  Whoop!

Pics: ra64Freddy


Going on a jet plane

Okay ladies and germaphobes, your’s truly will be going on a little trip next week.  I am going to New Orleans, LA for the week and will probably not have access to a computer or very limited access.  Now now don’t be afraid, I shall return in all my glory.  Do not fear.  I have a few posts done and scheduled for that week still so you’ll still get awesome stuff even if I am not here.

I leave you with this super stellar photo of a Wagovan driving off into the sunset or, in this case, the street.



Another super awesome find from Alfred from ra64Freddy.

A drifting Echo/Platz?!?!?!?!?! Are you mad?!!?

Alfred’s blog led me to Nori Yaro where I was to find this beast is powered by an SR20DET!!  The builders shoehorned a freaking SR20 into an Echo.  It’s fracking insane and I love it!

Apparently this thing drifts pretty well.  If I were to see this in person I would probably

1. scratch my head

2. walk closer

3. peer in

4. shat myself

5. giggle

6. smile

7. sniff

8. frown

In that order.

Pics and info: ra4Freddy and Nori Yaro



Nilo once again made my jaw drop by posting pics of this uber sexy IS Sportcross on SL.

If you have been reading this blog for a little bit, you know that I loves me some Sportcross action, mainly because they’re so rare and sexy.  I have only seen one in real life, with my own eyes.  If I remember correctly, I nearly shat myself when I saw that Sportcross.  I was in traffic when I saw it.  I know I didn’t realize it at fist then I sat there and stared at the IS.  Must have taken me a good minute of staring before I realized what I was actually staring at.  Then the near-shatting experience happened.  I was so ecstatically embarrassed.

It’s so low and so beautiful!

Gorgeous in it’s simplicity.

5Zigen GN+ wheels, yum!  I had never actually seen these before either.  I had so scour the interwebs to find out what they were.  They sure do look perfect on there.

Lovin’ it!


Dorifto Kei’s

I bring to you more awesome Kei Truck drifting.  I know that the previous posts on this subject were a super duper awesome hit so I went searching for more madness.  Actually I found this video by accident.  I was looking as some other videos and through YouTube’s cracked out “related videos” thing I ended up on these drifting kei trucks.  That “related videos” shit will get you to some crazy shit.  I remember one day I started watching vids of chicks that can’t drive and ended up on neo-nazi shit.  Yeah, I was just as amazed.  Haha.

Okay, on to the video!

I don’t think this was an event just for these Kei’s.  I think this was a D1 event or something and the kei’s were just an exhibition thing.  If you listen to the crowd in the video, they crack me up.  Whenever one of the drivers messes up everyone goes, “awww, haha.”  Those crazy Japanese!

I am pretty certain these are the same kei’s that I posted a while ago.  I can definitely see the red Carry in the video.

Previous posts: Here and Here


Gas and Go…rgeous

Okay so these pics are blurry, but you can still see the sex that this Estima is oozing.

I fuggin’ love it!

Clean, simple, gorgeous, and dripping wet.  Sounds like a perfect night to me!


Tall wagons you say…

I was doing my usual perusing of my favourite sites when I went to Andy’s Sub Compact Culture.  He posted up a pic of these two tall wagons that I had actually only seen like twice before.  In high school my friend’s parents had a white Eagle Summit.  Back then all I saw it as was a pile of crapola.  Seriously.  That thing was a mess and we made fun of it.  Of course we used to make fun of my parent’s Previa, calling it a giant bubble or the egg.  Although I still loved the damn thing.

Back then I can literally say I saw no potential in that Eagle Summit.  It could be because it had a funky smell to it and I didn’t really like to ride in that thing (sorry Eddie, haha).  I was pleasantly surprised when i saw that pictures on Andy’s blog.  I had never seen a Mitsubishi Expo LRV/Eagle Summit Wagon/Plymouth Colt Vista with any modification aside from body damage.  I had to dive deeper!

These little tall wagons just look so damn cool. 

Well if you haven’t figured it out, I don’t know jack shit about these little cars outside of their owners are doing a fantastic job of making them look damn good.

Reading the thread, it appears that the owners are twins that bought these two rides to have some fun with.  Cool story so far, I think so…

Go to Sub Compact Culture to read more and check out the thread.  Andy and these owners know a shit ton more than I do about these, go get your knowledge on peoples!


Campus Kei’s

Yesterday I was walking around campus with my camera in my hand, freezing my ass off at 9:30am in central PA.  I had to get some pics for a my law class assignment.  So I’m walking around, freezing, looking for what I needed for my class.  After I had gotten what I needed and everyone around campus thought I was a thug photographer or something I was going to just mosey on back to my place.  I was side tracked by two little kei’s that I see all the time.

I always mean to snap a few shots of these things whenever I see them but never have my camera or just don’t feel like it.  Penn State has a few of these little guys running around campus.  It’s pretty cool to see them and I think I am the only person on campus that actually notices them or at least knows what they are.  A lot of them look to be RHD and some look almost like the steering wheel is in the center.  That’s how tiny some of these are.

I do believe that this is the only Suzuki Carry I have seen on campus.  Penn State has all kinds of little rides.  OPP, our maintenance people, use Kubotas for everything.  They are constantly flying around and making tons of noise and tons of smog.  There are John Deer equivalents used as well.  Little electric Kei’s called Greenvans go zipping around campus too.   Penn State really loves their Kei cars. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I pay out the ass for tuition.

Apparently they used this Carry for salting.  My guess is sidewalks and paths because I have never actually seen this Carry on any of the roads here.  I know the Kubotas salt the sidewalks the same way.  Those damn things annoy me.  I want to steal one.  This Carry also looked like it had some sort of bed liner on there.  Rhino linings or something of the sort.

Off in the corner was this little guy.

A Daihatsu Hijet, cargo . . . big time stuff.

. . . 4WD motha fuckas!!!

If you guys think this is cool I’ll go get more shots of the other stuff I have here on campus. If you guys have similar pics or stories, send them in!

Just thought this was funny when I was walking downtown . . .

Just pull harder, just do it.


Three’s Company

Everyone has those rides and owners that they look up to, especially within their own make/model tuning community.  MattyRattyPoo’s xB and Nilo’s xB have been two boxes that I have loved for quite sometime.  Both of their boxes have gone through different stages and with each stage  have drooled like a fat kid looking at a cake buffet.  They know what they’re doing and they do it very well.

Now don’t think I am hating on or downgrading the TCM xB to the left.  I have personally never seen it before these pics and don’t know who the owner is.  I really like all three of these boxes so don’t get shit twisted.

Matty’s xB is hads down one of the best in the game.  Freaking love this thing!

I dig the cleanliness and simplicity of this xB.  Very well done.

Nilo’s camo xB, sexaaay!

Pics: Joe Umali

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