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Oh my word.  Now I am all for being different and innovative, but this is just downright nasty.


You would think this is from the US, but no this is straight from Japan.  Everything about this thing makes me queasy.  The poor craftsmanship is just deplorable.  I mean come on, you couldn’t have matched the paint in the center there?  The wheels, look like some Guido from Jersey was rocking them on his Neon in 1996.  I feel like I need to spray on a bottle of axe and fist pump to some techno right now.  This baby is puketastic.

Scion Corporate actually made a SW (Super White) limo back when Scion was first launched in the US.  That one actually looked pretty good.  It was done by Five Axis, so you know it’s quality work.


This is the Scion limo.  Not bad looking, huh?

But on a side note; I have always found it odd how we strive to be like them in Japan and they strive to be like us in the US.  Hence the “Scion” emblem in the grille, weird.



When I started this blog I figured I would just blog about Japanese vans/wagons/micros/hatchbacks from Japan and the US, I did not have China in mind.  But today, I have China in mind.  Why?  Because I am blogging about two Honda Stream RN6 x RN8’s straight from China.  The Stream kind of looks like a van, but is categorized as a compact MPV (multi purpose vehicle).  The current gen Odyssey in Japan is categorized as a compact MPV as well, just for reference.  The Stream is just another vehicle we do not get to gawk at in the states.

These two particular Streams are decked out in full Mugen attire (pronounced “moo-genn” for all you non-honda peeps).  They are both very similar, yet carry two very different auras about them.  The Stream with the black wheels is lower and meaner.  While the bronze wheeled Stream sits higher and seems softer.  I want to say the black wheels are Mugen NR’s, but don’t quote me on that.  The bronze wheels look to be a set of Mugen GP’s.  They are both very cleanly executed and look like they could see track duty.  

I like the white one :)




The photography is just amazing.  I love these rolling shots.  Rolling shots are beyond awesome when executed well and these pics are beyond awesome.  Hats off to the guys that were taking these pics.


Stunning picture.



Photos courtesy of T.Design Photography.


Got HiAce?

Who needs a HiAce?  Do you need a HiAce?  Just go grab one.  There are a few in the corner over there, help yourself.



Random Toaster Pic

My box is a bit of a camera whore.  She loves the camera and I constantly oblige her.  I have thousands of jpegs of just my box and then thousands more of other vehicles.  Sometimes I go through my old pics to see how far the box has come in the 3 3/4 years I have had her.  So while I was perusing through the massive amount of pics of my toaster and found this one.  It was taken at Atco Raceway in Atco, NJ on 6/10/08 by my friend Zack.  He has pretty awesome camera equipment and a knack for photography.  He really made my toaster pop, don’t you think?

It’s probably my favourite pic of my Toaster with the RS3.0 grille on there.  It is quite the colour combo, yes.  I am not the most sane person and random colours seem to be my thing.  And yes, I do still have the grille and I plan to keep it and use it in the future.  I am insane, yes.

What do you guys think?  Do you like my current setup or the crayola thing I got going on in this pic?




Legacy Wagon

We all know that the Japanese always get the most awesome vehicles, and we, only get to drool over them.  Stateside, we get very little awesome coming our way and it’s been this way for a long while.  Don’t get me wrong, we do get some pretty cool vehicles, but over in Japan, they get all the good stuff and then some.

Well this Subaru Legacy Spec B Wagon is no different.  This Rally Blue Pearl Legacy has all the STI trimmings that make me jealous and it’s not available for purchase in the US.  Why can’t we get wagons like this in the states?!  Why are we so unworthy of this awesome vehicle?!  These are some of life’s great questions, and until we can get the answer, we just have to sit, wait, and drool.



It’s just so beautiful.


I’ll take two please!


So unfair…


Lol Wut?

I have found for you, this crappy phone pic of an unidentified van.  I do not know what is going on with this van, but I kind of like the direction the owner is heading in.  It definitely needs some work, considering the vast amount of dents this thing has and that whole missing of the grille thing.  But I think with a little TLC, this could be one sexy looking van.  It’s already slammed, so it’s halfway there.

If anyone can identify this van, I would appreciate the help in that department.





Now this is how a van should look.  Clean, classy, and down right sexy.  You cannot deny the shear awesome that this Stepwagon exudes.  This Stepwagon is near perfection, and I don’t say that very often.  Take notes people, this may be on the final.  


stepwagon rump

This picture makes me feel like I was walking through a loading dock and happen to stumble upon this beauty.  Like she was waiting for me; she knew.


Spocom ist

Good afternoon ladies and gents.  Today I bring you this spocom styled ist from the motherland.  Now I really do not like most of this ist, but there are probably a few readers that do, so I decided to post it.  It’s too over the top for me.  The lambo doors, the absurd tv in the back, the ridiculous subs, just too much for me.  Those exhaust tips are just killing me.  For me, I prefer to see a clean, sleek styled vehicle, but that’s just me.  I do however like the colour, that’s a pretty sexy orange.  It does look to be turboed, but with all that extra weight, it probably does not do too much.

Spocom tuning is modeled after how we tune in the states; spocom stands for sport compact.  Sadly, this is how most people in states tune.  Flamboyant, over the top vehicles that weigh a ton and do nothing except hurt your eyes and your ears.  In some aspects we are moving towards a cleaner, OE stying, but at shows I still basically only see “Bondo Bettie’s” all over the place.  Some day people will learn to appreciate the lines of their vehicles.  



You can’t go wrong with a set of Works, but he’s coming close.


Too much show for this gal.


Apparantly that dude doesn’t exist, hmmm.


Sick Stagea Wagon

On my adventures across the interwebs, I have stumbled across this sick Nissan Stagea M35.  It is just so clean and so gorgeous.  The owner executed this wagon perfectly.  This beauty is rolling on 20″ WALD D21F’s.  Aggressive offset in the rear and sitting flush with the body.  She looks so classy.  I do not know what kit that is, but it works so well.  She catches your eye and draws you in, but then you stay there and look over every detail.  

I love it when a vehicle looks like it could be stock, but you know it definitely is not stock.  It’s the subtlety of this Stagea M35 that really does it for me.




So fresh and so clean.


Camber FTW!


Look at that rump!

And in case you are wondering, yes, those are the vans from my “Down by the Bay” post.


Coolest Police Vans Ever?

OK, now I am coming at you guys with what I think are the coolest police vans I have ever seen.  These appear to be a slammed Toyota HiAce Japanese police van and another police van, that I cannot Identify.  I thought it was also a HiAce at first, but I am unsure.  But you heard right, a slammed police van.  Now I do not know whether they are bagged or dropped or maybe even just broken.  But however they got like that, they look damn cool.  I could only find this one pic, so I do not think I will be able to get any more info on these.  But if any of you guys know anyhting about this, hit me up!


police vans

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